Seongnam FC signs sponsorship agreement with O2 International for the second year in a row

K-League 2 Seongnam FC signed a sponsorship agreement with O2 International for the second consecutive year at its home game against Chungbuk Cheongju on the 20th.

Seongnam FC CEO Kim Young-ha and O2 International CEO Lee Soon-yeol attended the signing ceremony.

O2 International is a company located in Pangyo, Seongnam-si, and is the exclusive Korean distributor of OXIGENESIS, a California, USA-based company that manufactures highly concentrated oxygenated water ASO. Through this agreement, the company will sponsor ASO SPORT, a highly concentrated oxygenated water, to 안전카지노사이트 Seongnam FC.

ASO SPORT, developed with the technology of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), is a highly concentrated oxygen water made by concentrating up to 50,000 times (about 250,000 ppm) of the oxygen contained in ordinary bottled water.

It helps to quickly replenish oxygen after exercise to recover from fatigue, prevent muscle cramps, and increase endurance. ASO SPORT Oxygen Water is also effective for office workers and examinees, as it helps to recover from fatigue quickly in daily life.

ASO SPORT sponsors many national athletes, including players of the Korean baseball team, speed skating, and cycling, as well as various domestic and international sports stars, and ASO SPORT products are currently used by record sports athletes such as swimming, marathons, triathlons, and cycling.

O2 International’s ASO SPORT products are expected to help Seongnam FC players recover their physical condition and improve their performance by replenishing the lack of oxygen and hydration, preventing muscle cramps and helping them recover from fatigue faster.

Kim Young-ha, CEO of Seongnam FC, said, “Thank you for sponsoring such a great product for the second year in a row. Recently, we have been playing back-to-back matches during the week and on the weekend, so we need to pay more attention to our players’ physical strength and condition. We are grateful to be able to help the players perform better on the field and recover faster.”

Mr. Lee Soon-yeol, CEO of O2 International, said, “We are honored to be with Seongnam FC again this year after last year. We are confident that ASO SPORT Oxygen Water will be a great help for Seongnam FC‘s promotion to the 1st Division,” said Lee.

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