Sancho’s Manchester United’s “transfer fee of 58 billion” and Dortmund’s “too much” to fully recruit

I have no regrets about Jadon Sancho. However, I plan to collect the minimum transfer fee.

“Manchester United has set a transfer fee of 34 million pounds (about 58 billion won) for Sancho,” German media Sky Sports reported on the 6th (Korea Standard Time). “This could defeat Borussia Dortmund’s desire to fully recruit Sancho.”

Sancho’s original team is Manchester United. He joined Dortmund on loan last winter, fighting with Manchester United coach Erik ten Hag. Sancho has no plans to return as long as Ten Hag continues to be at Manchester United. Dortmund is very interested in fully recruiting Sancho.

The Sun, a British media outlet, said that Sancho would not return to Manchester United if Ten Hag was appointed. Manchester United and Dortmund will hold negotiations over Sancho’s transfer this summer.

Sancho has deepened his conflict with Ten Hag. In September last year, Sancho was pushed out of the starting lineup for Manchester United, and Ten Hag responded that he split the bench with the starting lineup based on his training results. Sancho immediately refuted the claim. On his SNS account, he accused Ten Hag of being a liar, saying that “I was better than anyone else during the training. It is not true.”

An angry coach Ten Hag excluded Sancho from the squad altogether. He also banned exercising or eating at Manchester United’s facilities, let alone participating. He declared that he could only step back if Sancho apologized.

Despite advice from people around him, Sancho refused to apologize. Manchester United sent Sancho to Dortmund on a loan deal. The loan agreement remains open until this season.

Manchester United spent 73 million pounds (or 124 billion won) on the deal when it brought Sancho from Dortmund in 2021. For Dortmund, this is a golden opportunity to sell it at a high price and buy it again at a bargain price.

However, Manchester United’s £34 million transfer fee to Sancho is too much. The tug-of-war negotiations between the two teams are expected to take place fiercely this summer.

At a time when Sancho’s value has fallen significantly, it is difficult to recover all the money Manchester United invested. However, whether Ten Hag will be replaced is a variable. Jim Ratcliffe, the owner of Manchester United, is negative about Ten Hag. He has never publicly spoken of his support for Ten Hag.

People in the U.K. expect Ten Hag to be fired if Manchester United fails to advance to the UEFA Champions League, falling behind only the fourth place in the Premier League this season. Currently, Manchester United ranks sixth in the Premier League.


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