13cm Height Difference Head Attack Park Hye-jin Surprises Gold

Women’s Taekwondo 53kg Final
Scored two three-point head attacks
“I’m happy to be off the ‘domestic’ label now”

Park Hye-jin (R)

Attempts a head attack against Lin Wei-chun (TAIWAN), who is 13 centimeters taller than her, during the

women’s 53 kg taekwondo final at the Hangzhou Asian Games on Saturday. Park landed two successful

head attacks on the day. With a 2-1 victory, 스포츠토토 Park won her first major title.

Park Hye-jin, 24, won the fourth gold medal for the Korean taekwondo team at the Hangzhou Asian

Games. It was a “surprise gold medal” that no one saw coming.

Park defeated Lin Wei-Chun

(Chinese Taipei) 2-1 (7-6, 7-9, 12-9) in the women’s 53kg taekwondo final at the Hangzhou Asian Game

s on Saturday at the Lin’an Sports, Culture and Exhibition Center in Zhejiang, China. Park, who stands at 5-

foot-6, was a lightning rod for the 13-centimeter taller Lin Wei-chun (180 cm), landing two three-point

head attacks. Park won her round of 16, quarterfinal, and semifinal matches 2-0 on the day to reach the

final. Earlier in the day, the Korean taekwondo team won gold medals in the men’s and women’s

individual poomsae and the men’s 58-kilogram category.

This was Park’s first major victory at the Asian Games, and she hasn’t had much success at major

international tournaments. While she has reached the top of the podium at lower-level events, such as

this year’s US Open, 토토 she hasn’t medaled at a major tournament. She was knocked out in the round

of 16 at the 2019 Manchester World Championships and in the quarterfinals at last year’s Guadalajara

World Championships. Park is ranked 31st in the world.

Because of this, she has been labeled as a “domestic” player. After her victory, Park said, “I was very upset

and tired of not performing well in international tournaments,” adding, “It was very hard to hear the term

‘domestic,’ but I’m glad that I won’t have to hear it anymore after this tournament.” “It’s not that I’m

happy that people know my name through this gold medal, but I’m more satisfied with myself,” he said.

Park Hye-jin

Said she dreamed of being eliminated in the first round before the competition. “I had been told that I was a ‘domestic player,’ so I was intimidated, but to have such a dream made it even harder to prepare,” she laughed.

Park’s eyes are now set on the Paris Olympics next year. “I want to remain an athlete who does her best

and works hard every moment, whether in domestic or international competitions,” Park said. “If I

continue to perform well like today, I will be able to stand on the Olympic stage. I will aim high.”

Kim Yoo-jin, 23

Won the bronze medal in the women’s 57kg category after losing 0-2 to China’s Luo Zhongxu in the

quarterfinals. Taekwondo at the Asian Games does not hold separate third- and fourth-place finals,

instead awarding bronze medals to both semifinalists who lose. 스포츠토토링크

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