National Team First Asian Games Champion

The second gold medal was won in e-sports, which became an official sport for the first time in this competition.

Our ‘League of Legends’ national team, which boasts the world’s strongest skills, completely defeated Taiwan in the finals and became the first Asian Games champion.

Our national team advanced to the finals after defeating China, a strong contender for the championship, in the semifinals and showed off an overwhelming performance against Taiwan.

From the first set, five players took the lead with strong pressure, destroying the opponent’s base in 29 minutes.

Taiwan’s counterattack at the beginning of the second set resulted in a fierce battle, but that was the end of it. 카지노사이트랭크

He received the opponent’s white flag in 26 minutes, which was faster than the first set.

Our national team, which defeated Taiwan 2-0, boasted a perfect performance and did not give up a single set in this tournament and won the gold medal with all wins.

Not only did he win the honor of being the first champion in this tournament, which became an official sport, but he also received military service benefits for the first time in e-sports history.

[Jaehyuk Park (Ruler)/Esports League of Legends National Team: I am very happy and I would like to say thank you to everyone who supported me until I won the gold medal.

Top star Faker Sanghyuk Lee was unable to compete in the finals due to a cold, but he participated in the exhibition event five years ago

. I washed away the pain of only winning a silver medal at the Jakarta Games.

[Lee Sang-hyuk (Faker)/Esports League of Legends National Team: Although it is personally disappointing, I hope others will pay attention and enjoy it by showing me winning a gold medal.] From Street Fighter to League of Legends, esports has 2 gold medals

. By winning the dog, the pride of the suzerain country was boosted.

Men’s badminton advanced to the semifinals by defeating the strongest Indonesia in the team quarterfinals.

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