Kim Ha-yoon wins women’s 78kg gold medal

Meet Xu Shiyan, the ‘two-for-two’ in the final.
Overcame one-sided support to win by half
The first AG gold medal for the women’s heavyweight division in history
Women’s Yoon Hyun-ji and men’s Kim Min-jong added bronze medals

Kim Ha-yoon makes a funny face as she meets with reporters in the mix zone (joint press area).

Kim Ha-yoon (23, Ansan City Hall)

Has rescued Korean judo from a “no gold” crisis. Kim Ha-yoon, 23, of South Korea, defeated Xu Shiyan,

26, of China, by half in the women’s 78 kg and above final at the Linfu Gymnasium in Shaoshan,

Hangzhou, China, on Saturday, 카지노사이트 the final day of the individual judo competition at the

Hangzhou Asian Games. Kim is the first South Korean to win an Asian Games gold medal in this weight class, the heaviest division in women’s judo.

Korean judo has not won an Asian Games gold medal since Seoul 1986, when judo became an official

sport of the Asian Games, but in Hangzhou, 13 of the 14 weight classes in the men’s and women’s

individual competitions failed to win gold. It wasn’t until Kim Ha-yoon, the last Korean to reach the final, that the first gold medal was won.

Kim Ha-yoon of South Korea

Celebrates her half victory over Xu Shiyan of China in the women’s 78kg and above judo final at the

Hangzhou Asian Games on Saturday. Kim became the first South Korean judoka to win a gold medal at the Games.

“I felt a little bit of pressure because I didn’t win a gold medal, but I didn’t think about it too much and

decided to do what I wanted to do and come out with no regrets,” said Kim, who won the Asian title in

front of her parents and brother. “As soon as I came out of the stadium, I saw the cameras waiting for me,

so I knew it was a gold medal,” she said. “The Asian Games is a big competition, but my goal is Olympic

gold. There are still so many things I need to work on, so I will work hard on my technique, including various grabs.”

Kim, ranked No. 4

In the world in her weight class, was ranked higher than her final opponent, Xu Shiyan (No. 6), but had

lost both of their head-to-head meetings. 온라인카지노 They also met in the quarterfinals of the

Hungarian Masters last month, where he fell to his knees. Again, the odds were in Xu’s favor, as she had

the one-sided support of her home fans. In addition, Kim injured her left knee in preparation for this

tournament and was only able to practice grappling after arriving in Hangzhou.

However, Kim was able to use her leg skills on the mat on this day. In the final, she scored the first half of the match with a rear-naked choke just 43 seconds into the contest, and then maintained her dominance for the remainder of the match to seal the victory. “I was actually hoping to face Xu Shiyan in the final, because I thought all the support was for me,” Kim said. “I caught her (Xu Shiyan) as soon as the match started, and I thought, ‘I deserve it’. I think it helped that I prepared by analyzing my last match loss.”

Kim was a “late bloomer”

Who started judo in the third grade of middle school, but became a national star within a year of taking up the sport. Kim started competing in 2015, when she was a freshman at Samjeong High School in Busan, and made a name for herself by winning the girls’ high school title for three consecutive years. She failed to qualify for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics after being edged out by rival Han Mi Jin, 28, but she won back-to-back titles at the Portuguese Grand Prix in January and the Paris Grand Slam in February, making her a gold medal favorite at the Games.

Yoon Hyun-ji (29)

Added bronze in the women’s 78kg and Kim Min-jong (23) in the men’s 100+kg. With one gold, two silver and six bronze medals, South Korea will look to add to its medal tally in the mixed team event on Sunday. Inaugurated at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games, the mixed team event pits three men’s weight classes (73kg, 90kg, 90kg+) and three women’s weight classes (57kg, 70kg, 70kg+) against each other in a head-to-head competition with the first team to win four matches. South Korea won the bronze medal in this event at the last edition. 카지노사이트존

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