Korean Women’s volleyball team, promise to revive the spike

Korean Women’s volleyball team, promise to revive the spike

“We worked hard while looking at each other”

Captain Park Jeong-ah “Aim for AG medal…

Slowly starting with the Asian Championships”

Kang So-hui, heartbroken “I wanted to give up when I lost VNL in a row…

I gained strength by looking at my colleagues”

Korean Volleyball Team

The Korean women’s volleyball team took off vigorously to hit the spike of resurrection.

The national team is determined to prepare a stepping stone to wash away

the recent extreme 바카라사이트 sluggishness at the Asian Women’s Volleyball Championships

to be held in Thailand on the 2nd to 10th of next month.

Asian Championships

After the Asian Championships, the 2024 Paris Olympic Qualifying Tournament from the 16th to the 24th and the Hangzhou Asian Games from the 1st to the 7th of October await.

The national team is in a deep slump as Kim Yeon-kyung, Yang Hyo-jin, and Kim Su-ji,

who led the semifinals at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, retired.

Since Cesar Hernandez Gonzalez took over as national coach,

he has suffered extreme sluggishness with 1 win and 28 losses in international competitions (VNL 24, World Championship 1 win and 4 losses).

Even this year, when the generational change was expected to be established to some extent,

losing all 12 matches of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Volleyball Nations League (VNL) was a great shock not only to volleyball fans but also to the players.

South Korea National Team

South Korea, which once rose to 12th in the world rankings with its semifinals at the Tokyo Olympics, is currently ranked 35th, down 21 places.

The national team players met on the 17th at the Jincheon National Training Center in North Chungcheong Province could not hide their regret and bitterness.

However, they all had the same will to not give up until the end without losing confidence while facing their shortcomings.

Park Jung-ah

Captain Park Jung-ah (Pepper Savings Bank) said, “Since everyone has a strong desire to achieve the Asian Games medal, good results will come if we all work hard together.”

Kang So-hui

Kang So-hui (GS Caltex), who scored the most points (83 points) with Kim Da-eun (Heungkuk Life Insurance)

in this year’s VNL, said, “If we unite with our older sisters and younger brothers as a ‘one team’ and play well, good results will come out.”

There are a lot of things, so I am training vigorously by raising the atmosphere.”

However, Kang So-hui briefly blushed as if recalling the hardships she suffered at VNL.

Kang So-hui recalled, “Since I’m not used to losing,

I really wanted to cry and give up whenever the losses piled up.”

Lee Da-hyun

Main middle blocker Lee Da-hyun (Hyundai E&C) said, “Last year, since it was the first time after our older sisters retired, we tended to get lost, but now we are used to it.”

I feel like I’ve grown.”

He said, “I’m looking back at VNL videos to make up for my shortcomings and try to make use of my strengths.”

Pyo Seung-joo (IBK Industrial Bank), the eldest, said, “I am working hard to continue the path my sisters have made well in a better direction.” compacted

Kim Da-eun, who has established herself as the next-generation apositive spiker in VNL,

confidently said, “I felt that I could do it, and my confidence has increased a lot.”

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