TheWorld Taekwondo Federation Headquarters ‘Nest’ in Chuncheon

World Taekwondo Federation Headquarters ‘Nest’ in Chuncheon… Taekwondo’s central city ‘elasticity’

Construction of a 4-story building by Uiam Lake in Samcheon-dong… Criticism of some groups’ hasty promotion’

Decision to hold three international events in Chuncheon for 3 years… Chuncheon , Gangwon-do,

will host the new headquarters of the World Taekwondo Federation (WT) and transform it into a central city for Taekwondo.

The WT held an executive committee meeting at Gallery Toon in Seomyeon

on the 18th and voted on the agenda of hosting

the World Taekwondo Federation headquarters in Chuncheon

and hosting three World Taekwondo Championships in Chuncheon for three consecutive years.

As a result, Chuncheon City is full of expectations, saying that various meetings and competitions

have been held in Chuncheon, making it a true Taekwondo central city.

However, some civic groups voiced concerns about the lack of a feasibility study

on the economic effect and securing government funding.

WT Headquarters

The WT Headquarters will be located on Uiam Lakeside in Songam Sports Town,

with a reception hall, an exhibition hall, a Taekwondo-related memorial hall,

an experience hall, and a restaurant with one basement floor and four floors above the ground.

◇ Settled in Chuncheon, an international sports organization…

Rising international status of the city brand 온라인카지노

Chuncheon City considers revitalization of the local economy through international events

such as various international competitions and conferences related to taekwondo

as the biggest achievement by hosting the WT headquarters.

In fact, more than 6,000 athletes from 60 countries

visited the Gangwon-Chuncheon World Taekwondo Cultural Festival (hereafter referred to as the cultural festival),

which opens on this day and runs until the 24th, and is expected to have a significant ripple effect

on the stagnant local accommodation and restaurant industries.

Olympic Taekwondo

In particular, WT is an Olympic Taekwondo negotiating body approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC),

it is predicted that fostering and advancing a global city brand through related marketing will be possible.

The WT Headquarters is one of the largest international sports organizations in terms of scale, with 212 countries participating in it.

In addition, an analysis was presented that it would contribute to the creation of an educational city, which Chuncheon City is promoting.

Chuncheon City

Chuncheon City aims to develop the ‘Integrated Education Program of Intellect, Virtue, and Body’ through Taekwondo,

and develops the best educational city that produces talented people with good character.

In addition, it is expected that it will be of great help in creating a stay-type tourist destination.

The revitalization of the cultural tourism industry, such as the Samaksan Lake cable car and King Canoe,

the sports MICE industry related to Taekwondo will become a new food for the region.

He explained that the headquarters building harmonized with the view of Uiam Lake has become a representative building of the ‘Chuncheon Lake Area Tourism Theme’ and can play a role as a tourist attraction.

Chuncheon Mayor

Chuncheon City Mayor Yuk Dong-han said, “Chuncheon has the capacity to successfully hold the Korea Open Taekwondo Championships for over 20 years.

◇ Contributing to the enthusiasm of attracting citizens… Securing government funds and resolving concerns of civic groups Attracting the WT headquarters is a project that the mayor of Chuncheon,

who has been working hard on, has been working hard on.

I met with President Cho Jung-won, who visited Goseong last year, and conveyed my intention to attract the city,

being one step ahead of competing local governments by preoccupying issues was a great help in attracting the city.

Chuncheon will also host three international events over the next three years:

the World Taekwondo Octagon Diamond Games, the World Para Taekwondo Open Challenge, and the World Taekwondo Demonstration Contest.

50th Anniversary

It was made after Mayor Yook visited the ‘WT 50th Anniversary Executive Committee’

held in Azerbaijan in May and suggested holding it in Chuncheon.

At the time, Mayor Yuk gave a speech in English without an interpreter,

drawing the attention of the attending committee members.

The enthusiasm and interest of Chuncheon citizens shown

during the visit to the headquarters in April is the first contributor to the attraction.

It remains an anecdote that Chairman Pimol,

who visited Chuncheon as the chairman of the evaluation committee at the time,

introduced the beautiful Chuncheon and the passion of the citizens to the executive committee members.

Culture Festival

In addition, Chuncheon City prepared the ‘2023 Gangwon-Chuncheon World Taekwondo Culture Festival’

to raise the fever of Taekwondo, and it will be held for 7 days from this day.

The World Taekwondo Beach Championships approved by the WT,

the Octagon Diamond Games held for the first time this year, the World Taekwondo Demonstration Contest,

the World Para Taekwondo Open Challenge will continue until the 24th.

Over 6,000 athletes from 60 countries participated in the 7-day event.

However, the voice of concern centered on some civic groups is a task to be solved.

The most worrisome part is whether or not to secure government and provincial funds in relation to attracting the WT.

This is because the construction cost of over 19 billion won cannot be guaranteed.

In addition, the Gangwon Peace Economic Research Institute, in a recent statement,

expressed concerns about insufficient advance preparations, poor agreements, and lack of feasibility and economic effect.

The Chuncheon City Committee of the Justice Party also argued,

“In the preparation process before and after the WT Chuncheon attraction,

we did not even properly grasp the specific action plan and the economic ripple effect compared to the input budget,

emphasizing the justification for attracting the federation and the unclear economic ripple effect.”

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