Sprinting with a missing thumb claw…Park Gun-woo’s game-winning hit

The NC Dinos finally ended their eight-game losing streak. Veteran Park Gun-woo (34) pitched a two-hitter to end the losing streak.

The NC ended a long eight-game losing streak with a 4-2 victory over the Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium in Busan on Monday.

Davidson’s leadoff solo shot in the second inning was answered by a two-out RBI single from Ko Seung-min in the fifth. Down 1-2, the game went to the top of the eighth.

The opportunity presented itself, and luck was on their side. Kwon Hee-dong, the leadoff hitter, singled to left, and a throwing error by Lotte mounder Seung-jo Jeon Mir led to a bases-loaded opportunity. Park Gun-woo then hit a leadoff double to center field to tie the game at 2-2.

He was replaced by Han Seok-hyun with the bases loaded. Davidson followed with an RBI single to right field and Son made it 3-2 with a sacrifice fly to left field. In the ninth inning, Han Seok-hyun added an RBI single to make it 4-2.

Park Gun-woo, who hit the game-winning hit, was actually struggling to play. The day before, he lost his big toenail on his right foot, which made it difficult for him to run properly, which is why he was designated hitter. He struck out in his first three at-bats.

But in his last at-bat, he stayed focused and limped to second base despite the pain. The first base coach tried to stop him, but to no avail. Park’s fight had tied the game and won the game.

“Yesterday, my toenail fell off and I went to the 먹튀검증 hospital,” Park said in an interview after the game. I thought I had to do something, so it would be easier for the younger players. I should have solved it as a center fielder, but I felt bad that I couldn’t,” he reflected.

Park could have taken a break, but he didn’t. “The coach was worried, too. He said, ‘How can I play with a cut on my fingernail and a missing toenail? I wanted the other players to go out and do well, but I felt like I was procrastinating and avoiding something. I wanted to play if I could,“ he said. ‘When I didn’t hit until my third at-bat, I thought, ’I’ll take it out when they take it out,’ but I’m glad it worked out so well in the end.”

Park says he’s never lost eight games in a row before because he’s been in typical strong teams like Doosan and NC. He said, “It was so hard. It was my first time losing eight games in a row in baseball, and it was so hard. It was hard to go to work in the morning 토토사이트 추천 without anyone saying a word on the bus. The aftermath of the loss was even worse.” He added, ”The players must have suffered a lot because they lost eight games in a row. So I smiled at second base to say, ‘We won today,’” he said.

He also apologized to the coaching staff, including head coach Kang In-hwa. He said, “All of the coaches were hard. At the meeting, the coach said, ‘We will take the responsibility, so I want the players to relax, and a better June will come after a difficult May. I don’t know what the coach did wrong. Baseball is for the players. So I was very sorry,” he emphasized.

“I’m going to use today’s win to think that June will be even better,” he laughed.

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