Murad Khan A high-Altitude Bomber from Pakistan Shakes up the V-League Landscape

At the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games last September, the men’s volleyball team met Pakistan in the round of 12 and lost with a set score of 0-3. 

It was a major failure that could be called the ‘Hangzhou disaster’ as it was the first Asian Games no medal in 61 years since Jakarta 1962.

One 2m5 tall Apogit Spiker, who was leading Pakistan’s attack at the time, stood out. He trampled on Korea’s blocking wall with his high RBI, scoring 19 points, including 3 blocks.  토토사이트

Now, four months later, Pakistan’s Apogit Spiker, a volleyball player, is shaking up the V-League landscape. This is the story of Murad Khan (24), a replacement foreign player for Korean Air.

Lincoln Williams, a former foreign player for Korean Air, has not been able to play since the Woori Card match on November 30 last year. 

He was diagnosed with a back injury sustained during training that would last him more than eight weeks, and on the 22nd of last month,

Korean Air brought in Murad, who played in the Bulgarian league, as a temporary replacement foreign player for Lincoln.

Murad, who made a mark in the match against OK Financial Group on the 29th of last month, which was his second game since his V-League debut, entered the first set as a substitute and played through the third set, scoring 28 points (61.36% attack success rate), showed his offensive instincts in the match against Hyundai Capital on the 12th. exploded without regret. On this day, the starting position was also given to native apositer Lim Dong-hyuk, but he entered the first set as a substitute and stayed on the court until the fifth set, scoring a whopping 52 points. His attack success rate reached 72.73%.

Ahead of the Incheon Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance game on the 16th, when we asked coach Tommy Tilikainen about the starting Apogit Spiker,

he said, “Today, without hesitation, we will select Murad Khan as the starter. 

Murad was not able to properly integrate into our team’s system other than attacking, but now he has definitely integrated into the team.”

Murad got the opportunity to make his first start in the V-League with an explosion against Hyundai Capital. 

Was it because I was nervous? Although he scored 5 points in the first set, he made only 4 attack errors, falling slightly short of expectations. In the second set,

Murad, who gave up his starting position to native aposite spiker Lim Dong-hyuk, came on as a substitute and adjusted the offense by scoring 5 points without making a mistake, and exploded in the third set. 

He scored 13 points, including 2 blocks, leading Korean Air to a 3-0 victory. 

After successfully blocking, the showmanship of Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous ‘Heavy Rain Ceremony’ was also outstanding.

Korean Air, which has won two games in a row thanks to Murad’s explosion, added 3 points to reach 43 points (14 wins, 10 losses) and tied the score with leader Woori Card (43 points, 15 wins, 8 losses),

entering the two-week All-Star break. I did it. Since Woori Card has played one less game, the points may have increased, but for Korean Air,

which is aiming for a total of 4 consecutive wins, it has laid the foundation for achieving its 4th consecutive regular league win through a counterattack in the 5th and 6th rounds.

Murad, who entered the interview room as a decorated player after the game, said, “After the game started, the game did not go well due to my mistakes. 

I am grateful to Lim Dong-hyuk for coming in and filling my position. 

When I went back on the court as a substitute, I thought, ‘Let’s do well,’ and I’m happy with the good results,” he said.

He continued, “The Korean V-League is fast. “It wasn’t easy to get used to it because our team’s setters throw fast, but I’ve adapted well now,” he added.

When asked about Ronaldo’s ‘Heavy Rain Semirunny’ in the game that day, Murad said, “It is a prepared ceremony. 

Even when I was playing in the Serbian or Bulgarian league, I used to do a downpour ceremony when I got a block,” he said.

Now, the attention of V-League clubs is focused on Murad’s future moves.

If Korean Air uses Lincoln again, Murad may appear in the foreign player tryout next season, and since he is an Asian player

he may also participate in the Asian quarter tryout. Murad said, “Of course I want to stay in Korea next year. 

If I play more in Korea, I think I will have to prepare more technically,” he said.

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