Coach Kim Do-gyun who Moved the Team Continues to Recruit Former Students from Suwon FC

Coach Kim Do-gyun, who left Suwon FC, a first-division team in the professional soccer K-League

to join Seoul E-Land, a second-division team, is recruiting former students one after another.

Coach Kim, who barely managed to keep Suwon FC in the first division in last year’s K-League promotion playoffs

took command of the second division team Seoul E-Land immediately after the end of the season.

The Seoul E-Land club said, “We highly evaluated Coach Kim’s aggressive soccer style and leadership in leading the players,” and added

We especially highly evaluated him for not only achieving promotion but also stably settling the team in K-League 1 바카라사이트닷컴

so we judged him to be the right person.” Background on Appointment explained.

Coach Kim went through a period of honor and shame at Suwon FC. Coach Kim, who debuted as a K-League coach at Suwon FC in 2019

succeeded in achieving promotion in his first year in charge by putting attacking soccer at the forefront. In the 2021 season, they advanced to Final A

where the top six teams compete, and ranked 4th in the regular league.

Last year, they fell to the bottom due to defensive concerns, but were heart-warming by dramatically succeeding in remaining in the first division.

When Coach Kim left the club, some of the players who had had ups and downs with the club packed their bags and headed to Coach Kim’s side.

Right wing defender Oh In-pyo (27) transferred to Seoul E-Land. Oh In-pyo is a right wingback with strengths in focus and basic skills. 

Oh In-pyo, who can play as a wing striker, also has the ability to break through aggressively. 

He was a promising prospect who graduated from Ulsan HD youth teams Hyundai Middle School and Hyundai High School. 

Oh In-pyo, who was loaned to Linz in the Austrian league after joining Ulsan in the 2018 season

played in 57 games on the European stage. After returning to Ulsan in the 2022 season

he was loaned to Suwon FC last year and reunited with coach Kim Do-gyun, who was with him during his time at Hyundai Middle School.

Oh In-pyo said, “I understand coach Kim Do-gyun’s soccer well,” and added, “I want to quickly show the fans of Seoul E-Land FC how active I am on the field.”

Next, veteran midfielder Jeong Jae-yong (34) reunited with Coach Kim.

Jaeyong Jeong is a veteran midfielder who has scored 24 goals and 10 assists in 248 K-League games.

He debuted in Anyang in 2013 and played in Ulsan, Pohang, and Buriram (Thailand).

Afterwards, he established himself as a key player at Suwon FC with coach Kim, recording 11 goals and 4 assists in 78 games over four seasons.

Jeong Jae-yong’s strengths include his ability to dominate the midfield, mid-distance kicking ability, and passing ability. He scored the goal that confirmed the team’s stay in the first division in last year’s relegation playoffs.

Jae-yong Jeong said, “I met Coach Kim again, and I think I understand him better than anyone else.

I will dedicate myself on the pitch and work hard to help the players unite as one for Seoul E-Land FC’s promotion.”

Among the coaching staff, there is a person who chose to accompany Director Kim. Physical coach Park Seong-jun

who had a great time at Suwon FC last year, followed coach Kim and joined Seoul E-Land.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung-woo, who led Suwon FC’s attack, is being rumored to be transferring to Seoul E-Land, and there is a possibility that Coach Kim’s recruitment of former students will continue in the future.

There are signs of discomfort at Suwon FC, which has lost players one after another to Coach Kim.

In particular, when rumors of Lee Seung-woo’s transfer to Seoul E-Land arose

Suwon FC general manager Choi Soon-ho expressed his displeasure in a meeting with reporters.

On December 21 last year, General Manager Choi met with reporters after the VIP preview of ‘K League:

The Universe’, an exhibition for the 40th anniversary of the league’s launch held by the Korea Professional Football League, and said,

(Lee Seung-woo’s transfer rumor) was talked about by the opposing team. “So it’s being reported in the media, but that’s not polite behavior.”

He mentioned, “The transfer story comes out when there is a conversation between the club and the club.

It is not, as is commonly said, ‘seeing and going’, and this is not a way that people working together should behave.”

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