“I’m so grateful and sorry”

“I’m so grateful and sorry”.

KIA Tigers pitcher Kim Jae-yeol (27) was selected in the third round by the NC Dinos in the second round of the draft. The right-hander, who throws a hard fastball, was selected by NC because he can be utilized in both the starting and bullpen. After four years with the Chungden Tigers, Jae-yeol will challenge another release myth in NC.

Manager Kim Jong-kook said, “Jae-yeol has been so good to me for the past four years. He is a friend with a story. He helped the team when we were in trouble. I’m so grateful. I’m also sorry that we can’t continue to play together. I look forward to seeing him do better in the NC. I’m sure he’ll do a good job since he started playing baseball again after a difficult time.”

Kim Jae-yeol had a unique path to return to professional baseball after being released and playing social baseball. He was selected by Lotte in the seventh round of the 22014 rookie draft. He was released in 2017 after failing to make his first team debut. 바카라사이트 He pitched for a social baseball team. After posting a video on YouTube that showed him reaching speeds of up to 148 kilometers per hour, he was offered a tryout by KIA and returned to the professional ranks in 2020.

In 2020, he finally made his first team debut.

In 14 games, he went 2-0 with two saves and a 7.27 ERA. In 2021, he appeared in 24 games and finally earned his first professional win, posting a respectable 3.68 ERA. As if that wasn’t enough, in 2022, he started 47 games with a 1-2 record, one save, five saves, and a 6.07 ERA. In August, he was a must-win pitcher instead of a chaser, helping the team reach the fifth round.

Throwing up to 150 mph, he was a full-fledged first-team pitcher, but in 2023, he finished with a 13.11 ERA in nine appearances. Instead, he was a consistent starter in the Futures League, going 7-2 with a 2.63 ERA. He spent 38 days with the first team, but was always available as a reserve. He became a fan favorite for his sincere and hard-working pitching.

Kim Jae-yeol’s salary for the 2023 season is 60 million won. The cost of the third-round pick in the second round of the draft was 200 million won. That’s four years’ worth of salary (161 million won) plus interest. He has a loving wife in Busan. When he moved to NC, he was able to combine his life naturally. It is an environment where he can develop into a first-team pitcher. His passion for baseball awakened his sense of challenge once again.

“I was a little surprised to be contacted unexpectedly during the final camp in Japan. I think the team picked me because they needed me, and I think it’s a great opportunity. My family is also staying in Busan, and there are many positive things for me personally. I want to do well in the NC team and I would like to say thank you to the KIA fans who have been supporting me.”

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