As expected, a maximum of four players were taken

As expected, a maximum of four players were taken.

The LG Twins let four players go in the second round of the draft on April 22. They added one more protected player when Oh Ji-hwan, who had already agreed to a multi-year contract, filed for free agency, but they were unable to avoid the maximum number of picks because of their depth.

The secondary draft, which was revived after a two-year hiatus, is held every other year as before, with picks in the first through third rounds. To encourage player movement, the number of protected players was reduced from 40 to 35. Teams will be able to draft any player on their roster, developmental players, military reserves, and developmental military reserves, excluding the 35 protected players, as of the end of the regular season for each of the nine teams. Players in their first through third years of professional play, current year free agents (including overseas returning free agents), and foreign players are not eligible.

Each round of nominations will be conducted in reverse order of the previous season’s performance. After each club’s first through third round nominations, the bottom three clubs in the standings will be granted two additional nominations, for a maximum of five nominations. 카지노사이트 A maximum of four players can be nominated by a single team to prevent player nominations from being skewed toward a particular club. The transfer fee is KRW 400 million in the first round, KRW 300 million in the second round, KRW 200 million in the third round, and KRW 100 million in the fourth round and below for the bottom three teams.

LG received the maximum of four players.

Hanwha took pitcher Lee Sang-gyu in the first round, Samsung took pitcher Choi Sung-hoon in the first round, Doosan took catcher Kim Ki-yeon in the first round, and Kiwoom took pitcher Oh Seok-joo in the second round. As teams used passes in the first round, four of the first seven picks were LG players.

Lee Sang-kyu, 27, is a bullpen pitcher who served as a temporary closer in 2020 with a fastball that hit 150 mph. He went winless in eight games this year, posting a 2.35 ERA (7.2 innings, seven hits, five walks, six strikeouts, two runs). Left-handed reliever Choi Sung-hoon, 34, was a one-point reliever until last year, posting a career record of 8-8 with two saves and 23 holds. This year, however, he made just five appearances for the first team, posting a 1.00 ERA with one save (3 innings, 7 hits, 1 walk, 2 strikeouts, 5 runs). Right-hander Oh Seok-ju, 25, has pitched nine games this year with a 6.30 ERA (10 innings, 12 hits, three walks, 11 strikeouts, seven runs) without a loss.

Kim Ki-yeon (26) was the third catching option behind Park Dong-won and Heo Do-hwan. Manager Yoon Kyung-yeop kept him on the first team roster until midseason as a backup to Park Dong-won. LG lost backup catcher Kim Jae-sung as a compensation player when they signed free agent Park Hae-min two years ago, and they lost another catching prospect.

With four departures,

LG didn’t use any picks in the first or second rounds and selected NC’s developmental pitcher Lee Jong-jun, 22, in the third round. Jong-jun was selected by NC in the second round (9th overall) of the 2020 KBO Draft.

He has yet to make his first-team debut, appearing in eight games (19⅔ innings) in the 2021 Futures League, posting a 3-0 record with a zero earned run average. He allowed one run (unearned) on nine hits with 11 walks and 11 strikeouts. He has no record for the past two years due to military service. “A tall, right-handed orthodox pitcher with a fastball in the mid-to-high 140s, he fulfilled his military obligation and was selected because of his future growth potential,” LG said. He’s listed at 191 centimeters and 93 kilograms.

LG made 1.3 billion won in transfers by sending out four players and picking up one.

Meanwhile, the second round of the draft has a new mandatory registration rule. Players are required to be on the first team roster for a certain period of time in the following or subsequent year. This is to ensure that players drafted in the second round get as much playing time as possible.

During a season, first rounders must be on the roster for at least 50 days and second rounders for at least 30 days. Third rounders and below are not required to register. If a player does not meet the criteria within two years of being drafted, he will be declared a free agent after the end of the second season if he returns to his original club or if his original club does not wish to retain him. In the case of returning to the original club, 50% of the transfer fee must be returned to the transferring club.

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