Samsung’s Miyazaki-Okinawa 2-month project, the ‘thing’ we really need…the national shortstop’s ‘jab’

“It’s not going to be hell, but it’s going to be a lot of practice.”

After failing to qualify for the postseason again this year, Samsung made plans early for the wrap-up training. It’s actually a “big project” that will last up to two months, combining the Miyazaki Education League in Japan and the Okinawa Finals. There is a sense of urgency to somehow lay the groundwork for the next season in the fall.

Samsung is sending key young players to the Miyazaki Education League immediately. Originally scheduled to leave on the 8th, the team will depart on the 9th due to weather conditions in Miyazaki. The team will be joined by Doosan and Hanwha in the training league. According to Samsung, pitchers Lee Ho-seong, Shin Jung-hwan, Han Yeon-wook, Park Kwon-hoo, Hong Seung-won, Choi Ha-neul, Hong Mi-won, Kim Si-hyun, Kim Seo-joon, Hong Won-pyo, catchers Kim Do-hwan and Lee Byung-heon, infielders Oh Hyun-seok, Gong Min-gyu, Kim Jae-sang, Kim Young-woong, Yang Woo-hyun, and outfielders Un Jung-bin, Kim Tae-hoon, and Ryu Seung-min will participate.

It’s important for the inexperienced players to get as much practice as possible. Miyazaki is warmer than Korea. Playing against Japanese players in a good environment will have an enlightening effect. It”s a great opportunity to broaden your personal spectrum of baseball.

Before the Gwangju KIA game on Aug. 8, Park Jin-man said, “Japan has a lot of good players. The pitchers are said to be good. The batters can be upgraded by facing good pitchers. I hope we get something out of it. The players participating in the education league will go straight to the finalization camp.”

The final training camp will be held at the familiar Onna Village in Okinawa. It boasts the best facilities in Okinawa. It lasts about a month after the season until the end of November. “We did this last year as well,” said Park Jin-man. The young players’ skills improve during the final training. The amount of practice will not be hell, but it will not be small.”

Park is a heavy training coach. According to industry insiders, the amount of training during last year’s final camp, which was held immediately after his appointment, was unrivaled. In fact, it is believed that efficiency is more important than quantity, and that efficiency can be maximized by training through a certain amount of quantity. In baseball, there are limits to image-making alone, and the process of mastery through repetitive training is essential.

Park was cautious with his ‘latte talk’. He said that the younger players are trying to do less hard work than their predecessors, and they 토토 seem to lack a little passion for baseball. The so-called ‘be what you are’ and ‘if you can’t do it, you can’t do it’ mentality is a no-no.

In a nutshell, Park said, “He needs to have more passion for baseball.” It’s an abstract idea, but a mindset change is the starting point for a professional to improve. In Park’s eyes, it’s still not enough. This doesn’t just apply to Samsung players.

2024 is the second year of Park Jin-man’s coaching regime. This year, the team finished in the bottom half of the table again. It’s time for something tangible to happen next year. So this fall is urgent.

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