Son Heung-Min is Crying Tottenham Munich Agree Kane Transfer PL Greatest Duo of all time’ Dismantled Satire (The Sun)

The ‘Son-Ke duo’, which boasted the strongest duo in the Premier League’s history, is on the verge of disbanding.

This is because Son Heung-min’s soul partner Harry Kane is leaving his side.

The Athletic, a global sports media

reported on the 10th (Korean time) that Bayern Munich has reached an agreement with Tottenham to sign Harry Kane.

“Munich’s offer is worth more than 1 million euros (about 1449.<> billion won) and Tottenham accepted it on Wednesday,” the media reported, which was relayed through German sources.

“Now it’s up to Kane to decide whether he wants to move or not,” he said, adding that the player has to decide where he goes.

On the same day

British media outlet The Sun posted a photo of Kane in a Munich jersey and Son Heung-min with his hands clasped over his face, saying

Oh my God, Son is crying!” I wrote.

It has been reported that the dissolution of the ‘Son-Ke duo’, who was thought to be the de facto main body of Tottenham, is imminent..

The duo of Son Heung-min and Kane is the strongest attacking combination in Premier League history.

The two players have been together for eight seasons, from 2015/16 when Son joined the club to the last 2022/23 season.

Prior to the 2019/20 season, the two formed a so-called DESK line with Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli

but Eriksen’s departure and Alli’s poor form forced the two players to join forces.

In the 2020/21 season, which was Jose Mourinho’s first full season

the sum of the two players exploded. Mourinho’s tactics of maximising the breathing of both players resulted in a great explosion.

The pair combined for 14 goals this season, surpassing Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton’s 1994 goals in 95/13 for Blackburn Rovers.

Over the course of the season

the pair have combined for 47 goals (23 goals and 24 assists for Kane and 24 assists for Son Heung-min) and have become the all-time leading goal-scoring duo in the Premier League

surpassing Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard’s combined record of 23 goals for Chelsea (36 goals and 24 assists for Lampard and 12 assists).

Such an all-time great duo is being heckled by Kane’s transfer.

Munich have seen a sharp decline in performance since the arrival of Roberto Lewandowski due to the absence of a front-line striker,

and have since faltered in both the league and Champions League in the 2022/23 season.

With the signing of Kane, the plan is to reinforce the front line, which was the most disappointing last season, and challenge for the Champions League title again next season.

Kane, Tottenham’s all-time leading scorer, was expected to move on to win the title after Tottenham failed to qualify for UEFA-sanctioned competitions in the 2022/23 season, finishing eighth.

With his transfer potential emerging and Munich being active in signing Kane, Kane has been the hottest player in the transfer market.먹튀검증

Munich tried again and again to negotiate, but it was not easy to convince Tottenham.

The Munich chief traveled to London for talks, but he had to return to the club after only confirming the difference in the transfer fee.

Global sports media ‘The Athletic’ reported that “Munich and Tottenham had a 8 million pound (about 2500 billion won) difference in valuations for Kane in talks on Monday.

Representatives from both clubs have discussed Kane’s transfer and discussions will continue,” he said, explaining that the transfer fee could not be agreed upon during the talks.

Despite Munich’s decision to pay £410 million, Tottenham repeatedly refused.

According to British outlet The Sun, “Kane is hoping his future will be decided this weekend.”

“Munich has offered Tottenham a transfer fee of 8600 million pounds (about 1443.1700 billion won)

” he said, adding, “Munich hopes that the deal will be resolved by the end of the week.

If you include the additional option of 283 million pounds (about 1.1 billion won), the transfer fee offered by Munich exceeds 1447 million pounds.”

After two offers were rejected, the Munich chief traveled to London, England, for talks with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy.

After that, he raised Kane’s transfer fee to 3 million euros (about 3.8 billion won) and delivered a third offer, but even this was rejected.

Above all, Levy’s actions came as a shock to Munich.

After a meeting with the Munich board, he left for Miami, USA, where he spent his vacation. Taking a vacation during the talks is effectively disrespecting the other side.


Tottenham also rejected Munich’s third offer.

With the deadline for Kane’s transfer set for August 12,

Munich made a fourth offer to Tottenham on Aug. 9.

British Sky Sports reporter Kaveh Scholhekol also spoke on the programme, citing information from his colleague Florian Plettenberg.

“Munich’s offer is 1 million euros (about 1000 billion won) with options.

This amount is equivalent to about 1590.9460 million pounds (about 1590 billion won).

I still don’t think it will meet Tottenham’s requirements, but Munich will send this offer today or tomorrow.”

Scholhekol continued, “You have to look at it carefully.

Munich have until Friday, the deadline for Kane’s transfer, to make a final offer.

Four days ago, €4 million was considered the last offer, but Munich are again making a new offer for Kane. Tottenham fans may see the new offer as insufficient, but first we have to see if it actually comes to Tottenham and see how Tottenham react again.”

He added: “The other point is that Munich know how Kane is feeling.

Munich believe they can’t sign Kane now or never.

He hopes his future will be decided within this week. I’m sure Munich will respect that.

What Florian also talked about is that Munich is offering 1 million euros.”

The host asked: “Will Munich, who are running out of time, raise the transfer fee further? Do they really want Kane?” Scholgekol said: “We can’t make Munich pay the transfer fee in full right now. You can pay in installments, or you can lower the amount.”

Scholgekol then revisited Tottenham’s past transfer cases. He said: “Gareth Bale’s saga was a really long one, and he ended up going to Real Madrid.

As I recall, the transfer fee was 1 million pounds (about 1000.8000 billion won).

And Declan Rice has headed to Arsenal from West Ham.

West Ham have consistently demanded the amount they want, and the payment structure.

So they get 1345 million pounds (about 2.1 billion won) over two years.

Finally, he said, “These things will be underwatered in this saga as well.

Tottenham could also consider selling.

For Tottenham, he’s the greatest player of all time, just like Jimmy Greaves. Kane is also the captain of the England national team.

As a Tottenham fan, it will be very interesting to see how he does before the weekend’s game against Brentford.”

In addition, transfer market journalist Fabrizio Romano said on his social media account that “Kane’s side have informed Munich and Tottenham of the player’s preference regarding the timing”, adding: “A decision on the deal should be made by the end of the week.

Kane doesn’t want to leave after the start of the Premier League on Sunday.”

Despite the actions of Chairman Levy, who dominates the game in the position of ‘upper’ more than anyone else in the transfer fee negotiations, Munich has remained steadfast in preparing for the next step.

With about three or four days to go until the deadline,

Munich did not give up and made further offers, which Levy eventually accepted.

It seems that the decision is to be the maximum transfer fee that can be obtained from Kane.

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