You want to fight, not a pressure defense, right?’…My brother, who is 13 years older, is in pain

Seoul SK scored 33 points for Kim Sun-hyung and 29 points for Jamil Warney (10 rebounds and 8 assists) in the match against Suwon KT at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the afternoon of the 8th, moving up to third place alone and deciding to advance to the PO regardless of the rest of the game.

In the first quarter, KT took a 29-19 lead with Jones, Yang Hong-seok and Ildefonso scoring 25 points. In the second quarter, KT Park Ji-won intensively marked SK Heo Il-young.

When SK Heo Il-young came under the goal and stayed to get a chance, Park Ji-won marked Heo Il-young with all her might. KT Park Ji-won (born in 1998) and SK Huh Il-young (born in 1985) are 13 years apart.

In terms of facial expressions, Park Ji-won seemed to be blocking Heo Il-young without much effort, and Heo Il-young’s expression with a full-body look, and the two players’ facial expressions contrast considerably. 스포츠토토

When SK Choi Boo-kyung passed to Heo Il-young under the goal, Park Ji-won jumped and kicked the ball. In the process, Park Ji-won’s foul was declared, and the two players briefly had a cooling-off period.

In the second quarter, Kim Sun-hyung and Warney changed the flow of the game as they revived. With the score trailing 37-38, Yang Woo-seop took the lead with a three-point shot. KT also succeeded in turning the tables again with Ildefonso and Ha Yoon-ki scoring.

The two teams, who played fiercely in the third quarter, took the lead 92-88 with Kim Sun-hyung shooting two consecutive three-point shots in the fourth quarter 86-88 and missed the last chance due to Ha Yoon-ki’s painful mistake.

Meanwhile, KT Yang Hong-seok scored 18 points, including four three-point shots, and Ha Yoon-ki also scored 22 points and seven rebounds, but failed to prevent the team from losing.

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