NC Kim Joo-won, This Year’s Performance is 2 Out of 10

NC Kim Joo-won “This year’s performance is 2 out of 10… but defense is 7 points.”

In the Gocheok Kiwoom game on the 21st, he played two long hits, including a two-run home run in the leadoff final.

National team shortstop Kim Joo-won (21, NC Dinos) evaluated his ‘middle score’ for the 2024 season at 2 out of 10.

He debuted in 2021 and achieved 10 home runs and 10 stolen bases for two consecutive years in 2022 and 2023, and even wore the Taegeuk symbol as a ‘shortstop who doubles as an offensive and defensive player.’ 카지노사이트

He suffered greatly from poor batting early this season.

Kim Joo-won met with reporters after winning 5-3 against Kiwoom Heroes held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 21st and said, “The score is still only 2 points.

We did too poorly and need to do better.

The batting side was not very helpful to the team’s victory“ He reflected.

On this day, Kim Joo-won performed well with 2 hits, 2 RBI, and 2 runs in 4 at-bats, including a 2-run home run in the final in the second inning.

In the second inning when the score was 0-0, he hit his fourth two-run home run of the season, and in the ninth inning when he was trailing 4-2, he appeared as the leadoff hitter, hit a double, and then scored with a sacrifice fly.

He gave the team victory with two long hits.

It has been exactly one month since Kim Joo-won hit two extra-base hits in one day since the KIA Tigers game on the 21st of last month.

The cause of the batting slump he analyzed was the wrong approach.

Kim Joo-won said, “I was supposed to fight the pitcher at the plate, but he was fighting me.

I only thought about my form, so the results were not good,” and “I thought I should start by getting the timing right with the pitcher.”

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