LG Chem creates social value through Green Connector ESG activities

An LG Chem employee provides ESG education to elementary school students. Courtesy of LG Chem

LG Chem is focusing on its social contributions to create a healthier society as part of the company’s environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)-driven principles, according to the company Friday.In August 2020, LG Chem announced Green Connector, its social contribution vision to help promote impactful projects that meet societal demands, with a focus on responding to environmental and climate change issues.Through this vision, the company plans to maximize social and environmental value by concentrating on four key areas: education, ecosystem, economy and energy.The company is conducting an online social education activity called Like Green, an ESG leadership training program that encourages environmental protection in daily life and aims to sustain a healthy environment.”Like Green consists of two programs, Green Festival and Green Class. The Green Festival is a public program that helps citizens easily understand environmental, scientific and social issues, and further encourages them to participate in forming a proper ESG culture,” the company said.

LG Chem is also running the Like Green program, which provides ESG educational materials to schools and care institutions to help more young people grow into ESG-minded leaders. The company has also developed and provided a career development curriculum to help students actively plan for the future starting this year.Additionally, LG Chem employees participated in the Green Class campaign, visiting 16 regional children’s centers last year to educate over 200 elementary school students about career paths and environmental issues.Moreover, LG Chem is carrying out the Green Ecology activity, a social contribution project that raises awareness about the importance of biodiversity conservation; Green Economy, a program that supports companies in the eco-friendly sector; and Green Energy, a project that installs solar power stations at public sites and uses the generated revenue to support youth and energy-vulnerable 메이저 groups

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