Men’s fencing team wins bronze medal in team event at Hong Kong World Cup

Ha Tae-gyu, Kim Dong-soo, Lee Gwang-hyun, and Yoon Jeong-hyeon of the men’s foil team that won the bronze medal.

The Korean men’s fencing team won a bronze medal in the team event at the International Fencing Federation (FIE) World Cup.

The men’s foil team, consisting of Ha Tae-gyu (Chungnam Sports Council), Kim Dong-soo (Gwangju City Hall), Lee Gwang-hyun, and Yoon Jeong-hyeon (Hwaseong City Hall), ranked third after Hong Kong and Italy in the men’s team event at the World Cup held in Hong Kong on the 4th (local time).

The men’s foil team, which featured Ha Tae-gyu, Lee Gwang-hyeon, Heo Jun (Gwangju City Hall), and Lim Cheol-woo (Hwaseong City Hall) at last year’s Hangzhou Asian Games and won two consecutive team championships, won the team event for the first time in this season’s World Cup. 파워볼사이트

Korea defeated Germany 45-36 in the round of 16 of this tournament and Singapore 45-24 in the quarterfinals, but lost 31-45 to Hong Kong in the semifinals and did not advance to the finals. However, they won the bronze medal by beating China 45-37 in the third place match.

In the women’s team event, Hong Sena (Ansan City Hall), Kim Ki-yeon (Seongnam City Hall), Lee Se-ju (Chungbuk Provincial Office), and Park Ji-hee (Seoul City Hall) participated and took fourth place.

Korea did not qualify for the men’s and women’s foil team event at the Paris Olympics, and Ha Tae-gyu is scheduled to participate only in the individual event. 한국야동

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