Korean track and field men’s 400m relay team challenges to win Olympic ticket in repechage match

Failure to advance to the finals of the World Relay Championships On the 6th, Nigeria, the Netherlands, and Thailand compete to go to Paris.

Men’s 400m relay wins bronze medal at Hangzhou Asian Games

The Korean track and field men’s 400m relay team will attempt to advance to the finals of the Paris Olympics in the ‘Repeat Match‘.

In Group 1 of the men’s 400m relay preliminaries at the 2024 World Relay Championships held in Nassau, Bahamas on the 5th (Korean time), Korea ran in that order, Simon Lee (Anyang City Hall), Gukyoung Kim, Jaeseong Lee, and Seunghwan Ko (Gwangju Metropolitan City Hall) in that order, finishing 8th with 39.25 seconds. We placed 5th among the dog teams.

A total of eight teams ranked 1st and 2nd in Groups 1 to 4 will compete in the finals on the 6th. Eight teams also secured qualifications for the Paris Olympics.

Korea ranked 23rd out of 32 teams that participated in the preliminaries on this day.

However, there is still a chance.

The 24 teams that did not advance to the finals will be divided into three groups on the 6th and compete in a ‘loser match’.

A total of six teams that ranked 1st to 3rd in the repechage match, and ranked 1st to 2nd, will receive tickets to the Paris Olympics.

In the repechage match, Korea defeated Nigeria (preliminary record 38.47 seconds), the Netherlands, Thailand (38.87 seconds), the Dominican Republic (39.08 seconds), Saudi Arabia (39.18 seconds), Turkiye (40.04 seconds), and Ghana ( were disqualified from the preliminaries) and were placed in group 2. 카지노사이트

Only by surpassing the Korean record (38.74 seconds) in the repechage match can they aim to participate in the Paris Olympics.

The Korean track and field men’s 400m relay team ran in the order of Lee Jeong-tae, Kim Kuk-young, Lee Jae-seong, and Ko Seung-hwan in the finals of the Hangzhou Asian Games held on October 3 last year, crossing the finish line in 38.74 seconds and taking third place.

38.74 seconds is a Korean record tied by Oh Kyung-soo, Cho Gyu-won, Kim Kuk-young, and Joshua in 2014.

The Korean track and field men’s 400m relay team won an Asian Games medal for the first time in 37 years since the 1986 Seoul Games, when Sung Nak-gyun, Jang Jae-geun, Kim Jong-il, and Sim Deok-seop ran in succession.

At the 2024 World Relay Championships, we will challenge ourselves to ‘obtain the right to participate in the Olympics for the first time in 36 years.’

The first and last time Korean track and field participated in the Olympics in the relay event was at the 1988 Seoul Games as the host country.

At that time, Korea participated in four events, the men’s and women’s 400m and 1,600m relays. The men’s 400m relay advanced to the semifinals and was eliminated in the preliminary rounds in the other three events.

Although it is not an easy challenge, the Korean men’s relay team said, “We will focus more tomorrow and tell you good news.”

On this day, Japan (38.10 seconds), led by Hiroki Yanagita, Goki Ueyama, Sota Miwa, and Sani Brown Abdul Hakimu, and China (38.25 seconds), with a team of Wu Zhiqiang, Yan Haibin, Xie Zhenye, and Chen Zifeng, placed 4th. They placed 1st and 2nd in their group and confirmed their participation in the Paris Olympics.

The United States (37.49 seconds), Canada (38.11), Italy (38.14), France (38.32), Great Britain (38.36), and Jamaica (38.50) led by Noah Lyles, the top current sprinter. He also won a ticket to Paris along with advancing to the finals of the World Relay Championships. 안전 슬롯사이트

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