Doosan’s Lee Byung-hun, who led the team to victory against LG, said, “I wanted to give victory to Durin as a gift.”

‘Jamsil Rival’ took the mound for two consecutive days against LG and achieved ‘relief wins’ for the second day in a row.

Lee Byung-hun fights back

Professional baseball’s Doosan Bears have an advantage over their ‘Jamsil rival’ LG Twins with a record of 4 wins and 1 loss this season.

In the first three-game series held from the 12th to the 14th of last month, they achieved a winning series (at least two wins out of three games) with 2 wins and 1 loss, and also won the two games of the ‘Children’s Day 3-game series’ on the 3rd and 4th in a row.

At the center is left-handed reliever Lee Byung-hun (20).

Lee Byung-hun came on the mound in the 5th inning with one out and bases loaded in the game against LG held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 4th, with the team leading 3-1.

Lee Byung-hun caught Kim Hyun-soo with a sacrifice fly and gave up one point, but Austin Dean hit a grounder and maintained the lead at 3-2.

And the score was erased until the 6th inning, and the team won 3-2, earning a relief win.

His pitching performance on this day was 1⅔ innings, 1 walk, and no runs, and his season record was 21 games, 4 wins, 2 holds, and an ERA of 3.20.

He also pitched in relief against LG on the 3rd and became the winning pitcher by allowing no runs in 1⅓ innings, and earned a relief win for the second day in a row.

With his fourth win of the season, he jumped to first place in the team with the most wins.

After the game, Byung-Hun Lee said, “I had a strong desire to relieve the burden on the pitching staff by throwing long shots in important games. If I could have contributed even a little to securing a winning series in the Children’s Day Series, I would be proud of that.”

Doosan is in a situation where the burden on the bullpen is increasing due to a series of starting pitchers leaving due to injury early in the season.

Lee Byung-hun’s dedication and good pitching are a great help to the Doosan mound.

Despite frequent appearances, Lee Byung-hun said, “I feel like my physical condition is improving as I become more mentally stable. They manage me closely in the training department before and after the game. I feel a lot more happy than feeling tired.”

He also said, “I’m learning a lot from all my seniors, but I’m especially grateful to (Park) Chi-gook. I spent a lot of time in Icheon during the rehabilitation period, and I also learned a change-up during that time. I overcame a crisis today with that change-up as well. He also gave me a lot of mental advice. He said, “Thank you for doing this.”

On the 3rd and 4th, all 23,750 seats at Jamsil Stadium were sold for two consecutive days.

Lee Byung-hun said, “I had a strong desire to give victory to the ‘Durin’ (Doosan child fans) on the occasion of the Children’s Day Series. I am glad that there was a good result.” 고스톱

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