Minjae what are you doing!’ Tuchel publicly criticized

It didn’t have to be in a press conference, but Thomas Tuchel has publicly criticized Kim Min-Jae (28, Bayern Munich).

Bayern Munich drew 2-2 with Real Madrid in the first leg of their 2023-2024 UEFA Champions League (UCL) quarterfinal first leg at the Fusball-Arena Munich in Munich, Germany, on Monday (Jan. 1).

After failing to win at home, Bayern Munich must win away to Real Madrid to reach the final. The two teams will meet in the second leg at the Santiago Bernabeu on April 8.

Kim Min-jae started for UCL for the first time in a while. It was the first time since the first leg of the UCL Round of 16 against Lazio in February. With Matthijs de Ligt’s knee injury and Dayo Upamecano’s ankle injury, Kim partnered Eric Dier, who took advantage of the opportunity.

But the result was not to be. In his first ever UCL semi-final, Kim was at fault twice. First, in the 24th minute, he ran out after Vinicius Junior and found himself in space behind him. Tony Kroos slotted in a pinpoint pass and Vinicius found himself one-on-one for the opening goal.

Kim Min-jae was frustrated immediately after the goal, 토토사이트 looking at right fullback Jozua Kimmich and shouting. It was an uncharacteristic display of anger after a promising play went awry.

After that, he settled down for a while.

Kim Min-jae helped his team win a penalty corner with a precise forward pass, and he made his presence felt with his aggressive defense and quickness to clear the ball. In the second half, the team had some fun again, playing a run-and-gun defense.

The trouble came in the final minutes of the game. With Bayern Munich leading 2-1 in the 37th minute, Kim Min-jae conceded a penalty after tripping Hodriguez as he tried to stop him dribbling in the box. Vinicius calmly converted the penalty to tie the game at 2-2, and Bayern Munich had to swallow their disappointment as they were unable to hold on for the win.

Kim Min-jae did not escape criticism after the game.

He made two mistakes that led directly to the goal. The German publication Bild called him a “disaster” and gave him a rating of 6, the lowest possible. In Germany, they usually rate players on a scale of 1 to 5, but when a player has a really bad game, they give them a 6.

Spox and Sport also gave Kim a 5.5 rating, while TZ gave her a 5. Spox said: “Kim came on for Der Licht again and made a strong tackle against Jude Bellingham. However, as has often been the case this season, there were moments of uncertainty.” “He made a terrible mistake by leaving Vinicius too much space. He repaid me with a great tackle shortly afterwards, but I conceded a penalty to make it 2-2. At this level, you can’t make mistakes like that,” he pointed out.

Steve McManaman, who played for Liverpool and Real Madrid, added: “Sloppy. Too sloppy. Kim Min-Jae can’t touch Hodriguez,” and “Lovely play by Vinicius. The penalty is right. What kind of play is Kim Min-jae doing to challenge like that?” and “What kind of play is he doing?

“It doesn’t matter what level you play at,” McManaman said.

If you make mistakes, mistakes, mistakes, you’re going to pay a huge price. It was a lifeline that Real Madrid needed. Why did Kim decide to make that tackle? Dyer, the cleaner, was behind him,” said the coach. “Kim had a night to forget at this level. Will he be able to play again at the Bernabeu next week?”

It’s true that Kim had a night to forget. He made a critical mistake that cost his team the game, so he deserves to be criticized. He needs strong feedback to prevent this from happening in the next game.

However, Tuchel’s public criticism was clearly not appropriate, as he said in the post-match press conference, “Kim Min-jae shouldn’t have been so aggressive on the counterattack. When the team has the ball, he can do that. But as a central defender, you can’t be so free to counterattack,” and “He’s too greedy. It’s not a pressure situation, so you don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s too easy. There’s no one who can help Kim Min-jae there.”

Tuchel also commented on the penalty conceded, saying, “Kim Min-jae was too greedy twice. We were outnumbered 5-2. Kim Min-jae suddenly and unnecessarily tried to block an inside warning from Hodriguez. He was in the wrong position when the pass came. Dyer was coming to help, but he committed a foul. He was too greedy. In that situation, you have to stand still,” he bombarded.

Of course, Tuchel’s message wasn’t wrong.

But it’s questionable whether it was the right place to deliver it. It was enough to give a short shrift in public and a stinging whip inside the team.

Bayern Munich fans also pointed this out. The German version of Sky Sports shared Tuchel’s interview with comments such as “I can understand Tuchel, but you should never speak badly about your own players, especially not in public”, “Do you like to expose your players in public? The problem can be solved through video analysis. You don’t need to reveal it,” and “You don’t need to reveal it.

The comment “Kim Min-jae didn’t play a good game, but it’s not right to criticize the players publicly” received the most support, with over 1000 likes. Naturally, 파워볼사이트 there was a lot of criticism of Kim Min-jae, but there were also several comments pointing out Tuchel’s interview skills.

In fact, captain Manuel Neuer, unlike Tuchel, defended Kim. “We talked about it in the locker room,” he told Mixzone. Mistakes happen, it’s part of soccer. It doesn’t mean he’s going to be bad in the next game,” Neuer said.

Neuer added: “Today wasn’t completely bad. He did some things well. I probably didn’t make the right decisions in some key moments. That can happen in soccer all the time,” Neuer said in defense of Kim, showing his captainly side.

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