Suwon KT semifinal playoff game 5

Suwon KT will face Changwon LG in the 5th game of the 2023-2024 CheongKwanJang Professional Basketball Semifinal Playoff, held at Changwon Gymnasium on April 24, 2024.
They tied the series record with a win in Game 4.

KT was considered a strong team even before the start of the 2023-2024 season.
Yang Hong-seok (195 cm, F) left for Changwon LG as a free agent, but this was because Moon Seong-gon (196 cm, F) was reinforced as a free agent.

Ace Heo Hoon (180cm, G) was also scheduled to be discharged from the Armed Forces Athletic Corps.
In addition, Bass, who was recruited as a second-option foreign player, performed well from the first round.

KT rose to the top with a different level of scoring ability.
The synergy effect with Heo Hoon also raised expectations.

This was because they were players who boasted outstanding individual abilities and high basketball intelligence.
However, there were also concerns about KT.
There was concern about the coexistence of Bass and Heo Hoon, who have a long possession time.

All expectations and concerns were met.
Heo Hoon and Bass struggled in the beginning.

After Heo Hoon joined, KT’s performance actually dropped.
However, Heo Hoon and Bass, who gradually worked together, established themselves as a duo that was difficult to stop even if they knew it.

They effectively distributed attack opportunities and took advantage of a defense that was focused on one player.
Concern seemed to turn into anticipation.

The variable was injury, and while Heo Hoon was injured, KT solved the crisis with a bass-focused attack.
Even after returning from injury, it was not easy to organize roles. Heo Hoon’s physical condition and game sense were also worse than before the injury.

KT coach Song Young-jin also worked hard to coexist with Heo Hoon and Bass.
We emphasized selfless play for both players and tried to find the right combination through various rotations.

And after everyone’s deliberation, the conclusion reached was ‘separately, yet together’.
Heo Hoon started on the bench in all but one game starting from the third game of the round of six playoffs.

It was a choice to rest and increase the time to work with Michael Eric (211cm, C).

Heo Hoon and Bass together lead KT to the championship game

Bass also showed off his skills in his free time.
He received help from Seongwoo Jeong (178cm, G), who focused on supporting defense and attack.

Fouls were recorded against Yang Hong-seok (195 cm, F) and Assem Marey (204 cm, C).
Heo Hoon is wisely overcoming the absence of bass with the surviving Eric.

Even in Game 4, when Bass committed three fouls in the first quarter, he played the role of ace from the second quarter.
The absence of Bath was completely covered up with pick games and drive-ins.

Heo Hoon and Bass coexisted in the game.
After opening up a wide space, they attacked one at a time.

These were players who had the ability to somehow score a goal even if they were checked by two or three players.
At least he induced a foul against the opponent. that
As a result, the two players scored 15 free throws in Game 4 alone.

It was a result comparable to LG’s total number of free throws (16).
KT clearly found a way to use the bass with Heo Hoon.

Even if they do not produce a large synergy effect, they still exert tremendous power.
Can Heo Hoon and Bass together lead KT to the 토토사이트 championship?

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