U.S. college basketball team votes to establish union University protests against “students, not employees”

Romeo Mertil (left) of the Dartmouth College basketball team

Players are dissatisfied with being excluded from compensation due to their student status. Feel the impact of college basketball leagues

Basketball team players at an Ivy League university in the United States voted to join a labor union for the first time in history, and many of them expressed their desire to join the union.

According to reports from the Associated Press and others on the 5th (local time), 15 players on the men’s basketball team at Dartmouth College voted on this day to join the branch of the Service Employees Union (SEIU).

In a vote supervised by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), 13 people voted in favor and 2 voted against.

Today’s vote follows the Labor Relations Commission’s decision last month that the university’s basketball team players are considered workers.This is the first time that college basketball team players in the National Collegiate Sports Association (NCAA) have voted to join a union.

The reason college sports teams’ unionization is attracting attention is because it could have a significant impact on the operating model of NCAA college basketball, one of America’s most popular sports.

Because college basketball was so popular in the United States, the association, universities, and coaches were able to receive huge rewards based on team performance.However, because the players were students, they did not receive compensation commensurate with their skills or fame, causing great dissatisfaction surrounding this.

Meanwhile, the legal dispute surrounding the establishment of the players’ union is expected to continue as Dartmouth University applied for a reconsideration of the Labor Relations Committee’s previous decision today.

Dartmouth University issued a statement today, saying, “Students on the basketball team are not employed by the university in any way. Academics are the most important thing for Ivy League students, even if they are varsity athletes, and being an athlete is an educational experience.” insisted.

“To classify these students as workers simply because they play basketball is not only unprecedented but also inaccurate,” he said. 고스톱

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