Single tournament surpasses 1.5 million viewers

Africa TV’s billiards content has made a splash in the global market. The Bogotá 3-Cushion World Cup, held from February 27 to March 4, was a global success with a total cumulative viewership of 1.5 million viewers.

The 200th 3-Cushion World Cup concluded with Vietnamese billiards player Tran Quiet Chien winning his third 3-Cushion World Cup title. The tournament showcased the world’s best skills and was broadcast live on Africa TV in four languages – English, Korean, Vietnamese, and Spanish. Many South American billiards fans responded to the Spanish-language coverage, which was hosted for the first time by Mexican billiards influencer JOSE PANIAGUA, and reached 350,000 viewers. In Vietnam, the tournament attracted 450,000 cumulative viewers.

Africa TV has been accelerating its global expansion since acquiring official marketing partner FIVE & SIX, which holds the media rights to the UMB tournament, last year. Starting with the appointment of Vietnam’s famous billiards streamer MinhDienvn as an ambassador, Dutch commentator Bert VAN MANEN has joined the Africa TV billiards ambassadors, and Africa TV has been collaborating with local streamers and influencers to produce a variety of content for each World Cup in different countries.

AfricaTV’s billiards content utilizes the platform’s unique features. In addition to official broadcasts in various languages, AfricaTV’s popular sports streamers cheering on Korean players, professional broadcasting content from professional players and casters, and streamers visiting stadiums for one-on-one broadcasts are among the various initiatives that have not been seen in previous tournaments.

In addition, as Africa TV’s motto is ‘anyone, anywhere, anytime’, we are making it possible for streamers and professional athletes to broadcast solo at global competitions, not 메이저사이트 just domestic competitions. For foreign athletes and streamers who are unfamiliar with the platform, Africa TV is building its own style by introducing new features such as setting up broadcast booths in stadiums and helping them stream live.

Ahead of the upcoming 3-Cushion World Cup in Bogotá, Africa TV has unveiled a revamped billiards page. In addition to the usual news, hot topics, and interviews, the page now includes a search function, categorization by tournament, and information on billiard equipment and tournaments. The content is of interest to many billiards fans, and the page received more than 500,000 views during the tournament. In addition to the UMB tournament, the billiards page will continue to feature a variety of other billiards content from Africa TV.

Africa TV has also signed a sponsorship deal with OK Savings Bank starting with the Bogotá 3-Cushion World Cup. This sponsorship is the first time a Korean corporate sponsor has participated in a global tournament, and is expected to pave the way for the expansion of the domestic billiards industry.

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