Norman LIV Golf CEO “Gives up on applying for world ranking points”

Greg Norman LIV Golf CEO

LIV players are at a disadvantage in participating in major competitions and the Olympics.

LIV Golf CEO and Commissioner Greg Norman announced that he will no longer apply to the World Golf Rankings (OWGR) to recognize ranking points.

According to the Associated Press on the 6th (Korean time), Norman said in a letter to LIV players, “We have done our best to fight for you and be recognized within the existing ranking system,” and added, “Unfortunately, OWGR has shown no willingness to cooperate productively with us. “It was not shown,” he wrote.

LIV applied for world ranking points to OWGR in July 2022, but OWGR rejected it in October 2023.

OWGR stated the reason for the refusal, saying, “LIV Golf operates a golf league with players limited to three rounds of competition, so it cannot be fairly compared with the other 24 golf tours.”

LIV’s players currently have four players in the top 50 and eight in the top 100 in the world rankings, and this number continues to decline.

The only way for LIV players to earn ranking points is to participate in competitions held by the European Tour and Asian Tour.

If they do not receive ranking points, they will be at a disadvantage in qualifying for major competitions and the Olympics.

13 players from LIV will participate in the Masters, the first major tournament of the season to be held in April. 19가이드03

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