“I was really praying about it.”

“I was really praying about it.”

For LG Twins pitcher Choi Won-tae, the 2024 season is crucial. After this season, he will be eligible for free agency for the first time in his life. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to achieve riches and fame. Fellow ‘prospective free agent’ Ko Young-pyo signed a multi-year non-free agent contract with KT Wiz. Good news for Choi Won-tae. A strong competitor is gone. He could be the favorite to start.

“I’m preparing the same way without feeling any different,” Choi said at the Scottsdale spring training camp in Arizona, USA. Of course, I’ll try to do well. But I don’t want to get too motivated, so I’m preparing the same way.”

Choi Won-tae participated in the camp for the first time in an LG uniform. Until the middle of last season, he played for the Kiwoom Heroes. 토토사이트 He was traded to the ‘championship team’. “It’s definitely different,” Choi said. They seem to follow the players’ personal routines,” he said, adding, “Last season, I didn’t get to know the players because I was busy playing, but now that I’m in camp, I’m getting to know them better.”

In fact, for Choi, his first season with LG seemed to be both a success and a failure.

The team brought in a strong homegrown starter to help them win the championship, but they were so poor in Game 2 of the crucial Korean Series that they were shockingly swept in Game 1. The team pulled off a miraculous comeback, but if they had dropped Game 2 and lost the series to KT Wiz, Choi could have been labeled a “traitor.

“I was just so grateful to the players,” Choi said, “I was in great shape in the bullpen, so I was rather anxious. I had no problems with my physical condition. I had pitched in the Korean Series when I was growing up, so I wasn’t that nervous. 파워볼실시간 After I came down in Game 2, I was really praying and watching the game. I didn’t see the players’ faces. But the moment (Park) Dong-won hit a home run, I thought we could win,” he recalled.

Choi Won-tae said, “I quickly forgot about it. Forgetting was the best thing for me,” Choi said, adding, “This season, it’s important to pitch until the end without injury. If the team is doing well, it means I’m doing well. I will focus on the team’s second consecutive championship rather than myself. I hope the team can keep winning like the old Samsung dynasty.”

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