SHINee’s Key illuminates stage with ‘KEYLAND’ concert

SHINee's member Key performs during his '2024 KEYLAND ON: AND ON' concert at SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Songpa District, Seoul, Sunday. Courtesy of SM Entertainment

Last weekend was a blast for fans of Key, a member of the iconic K-pop group SHINee, as he put together two dynamic concerts for some 10,000 attendees. The impressive 150-minute performances highlighted the idol’s versatile talents as both an entertainer and a solo artist.Titled “2024 KEYLAND ON: AND ON,” this concert marked Key’s return to the Korean stage after a 15-month hiatus following his last show, “KEY CONCERT — G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) IN THE KEYLAND,” in 2022.

On Sunday, fans eagerly gathered at SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Songpa District, southeastern Seoul, anticipating the long-awaited return of their idol. Responding to the excitement, the 32-year-old artist made a lively entrance, donning a playful yellow hat and colorful pants.Key set the tone for the concert by opening with hits such as “Good & Great,” “Saturday Night,” “I Wanna Be” and “Easy to Love.” Following the impressive start, the idol skillfully engaged with the audience, drawing upon his extensive 15 years of experience since his debut. et another impressive turnout… The energy of the performance will surely turn up the heat in this place,” he playfully said. “I’m confident that we all have a good time and enjoy ourselves during the show regardless of the weather, to the point where the cold winter feels like nothing more than refreshing.”

Throughout the concert, Key maintained lively communication with his fans while delivering challenging live performances with the band session. The show’s setlist featured hits like “BAD LOVE” and “Killer,” along with tracks such as “Can’t Say Goodbye,” “CoolAs,” “Live Without You,” “Intoxicating” and “Mirror, Mirror,” totaling 22 songs.Notably, the concert drew the support of his fellow SM Entertainment artists, including SHINee members Taemin and Minho, Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon, NCT members Renjun and Ten, Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA and even former NCT member Lucas visiting the concert hall. Their presence added to the event’s excitement, showcasing the strong camaraderie within Korea’s entertainment agency.Providing his supporters a temporary escape from the cold weather, Key perspired profusely on stage as he passionately showcased the songs. For the encore, the singer delivered a powerful performance of his song “Gasoline” and, in response to fan requests, surprised them with a second encore 스포츠토토존 featuring “Forever Yours.”

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