Korean Air’s Lim Dong-hyuk scores 32 points in one man show

IBK IBK, led by head coach Kim Ho-cheol, snapped a five-game losing streak.

IBK defeated Korea Expressway Corporation 3-0 in straight sets in the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League Women’s Division at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on Sunday.

In a pre-match broadcast interview, IBK head coach Kim Ho-cheol emphasized the importance of the players shaking off the psychological pressure. He said, “I think our mood was down as the losing streak got longer. I’m having a lot of conversations with the players to make them think that they can play with stability,” he said.

Another concern is that Kim Hee-jin, a national team member who returned to the court after right knee surgery, is not performing at her best. Coach Kim Ho-cheol said, “It’s a little frustrating. Hee-jin would help the team a lot if she could do her part, but her recovery is slow. She’s not at 100 percent, even though she seems to be,” he lamented.

Kim Jong-min, head coach of Korea Expressway Corporation, who returned home after defeating bottom-placed Pepper Savings Bank on the third day, said, “I hope Bae Yoo-na can improve a bit more, and Kim Se-bin has grown a lot. She’s a rookie, but her record is good and she’s playing with a lot of pressure, so I’m trying to make her feel comfortable.”

“What I always emphasize is that I want them to be versatile and not be too one-dimensional, and that’s not easy,” he said of the setters.

IBK looking to snap a five-game losing streak and Korea Expressway Corporation looking to extend its winning streak. The match was one-sided. After taking the first 토토사이트 set 25-20, IBK won a close second set 26-24. After crossing the 7th ridge to escape their fifth straight loss, IBK took the third set 25-18.

IBK’s Abe Crombie was the top scorer for both teams with 24 points. Pyo Seung-ju added 11 points and Hwang Min-kyung chipped in with 10 points. On the other hand, Vukiric of Korea Expressway Corporation chipped in with 20 points, but was unable to help his team in the loss.

Meanwhile, Korean Air defeated KB Insurance 3-1 in the men’s game at Incheon Gyeyang Gymnasium.

Korean Air’s Lim Dong-hyuk was the star of the show with 32 points, while Jeong Jung-yong (15 points) and Kim Kyu-min (10 points) also contributed to the win. KB Insurance’s Biyena scored 31 points and Hong Sang-hyuk added 16 points, but it wasn’t enough to prevent the team from losing.


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