KBO announced the combined salaries of the top 40 players

The Korean Baseball Organization KBO announced on Tuesday the combined salaries of the top 40 players for each KBO club in 2023. No team exceeded the cap in the first year of the salary cap.

The salary cap, which took effect this year, was set at 11.426 billion won ($11.263 billion), 120 percent of the club’s average annual salary for the top 40 players (salaries, option payments, and average annual contracts for free agents, excluding foreign players and rookies) in 2021-2022.

No team exceeded the salary cap this year, and SSG Landers, who were “supposedly” the top team in the salary cap, came in second with 10.846 billion won. This is $579.91 million less than the salary cap limit. The team with the highest salary was the Doosan Bears with 11.18175 billion won. Doosan was the closest team to the cap with $244.63 million less.

SSG is another team with a lot of high-paid players. The team signed Kim Kwang-hyun for 415.1 billion won, and has three non-free agent multi-year contracts: Han Yoo-seom (5 years, 6 billion won), Park Jong-hoon (5 years, 65 billion won), 토토사이트 and Moon Seung-won (5 years, 5.5 billion won), while former major leaguer Choo Shin-soo earned 2.7 billion won in his first and second years and 1.7 billion won this year. The longest contract, worth 6 years and 10.6 billion won, is still in its final year. There are many so-called “billion-sounding” players, and the salaries of the main players were also increased as they won the integrated championship last year.

However, the team has been preparing for the introduction of the salary cap since early on.

Kim Kwang-hyun was given a whopping 8.1 billion won in 2022, the first year of his contract. That’s more than half of his 15.1 billion won contract in the final season before the salary cap. His salary for the 2023 season dropped to 1 billion won. However, it helped with the salary cap calculation.

Han Yoo-seom’s salary in 2022, the first year of his multi-year contract, was 2.4 billion won, up a whopping 1233.3 percent from 180 million won the year before. It was the highest increase in history. Following Kim Kwang-hyun’s record for the highest salary in baseball, Han Yoo-seom also received the highest percentage increase. Of course, it was a clever contract that took into account the salary cap, but there were not a few people who were uncomfortable with it.

But in the end, it was a success. 바카라사이트 순위 SSG has been under a lot of pressure to meet the salary cap this year as well as last year, and hasn’t been able to sign any outside free agents.

After the first season of the salary cap, clubs are complaining that the system needs to be changed. No matter which way the system is improved, various countermeasures like SSG will be needed.

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