Its a Son Heung-min Grows After Kane Leaves Authoritative Voice

Tottenham Hotspur side defender Pedro Foro praised captain Son Heung-min.

When talking about the breakup with Harry Kane in an interview published by the British Telegraph on the 3rd (Korean time) 먹튀검증사이트

Poro said, “(Thanks to Kane’s departure) Son Heung-min has grown to a higher level.”

“Kane’s departure was painful for everyone because he was part of the heart and soul of Tottenham,” Foro said.

I wish I had enjoyed playing with Kane more because I didn’t have much time with him.

Kane scores goals from everywhere.

He is a special striker who is used to playing.

He had no difficulty adapting to Bayern Munich.

He is without a doubt one of the best in the world.”

He continued, “But Tottenham was able to overcome Kane’s absence quickly.

Now, a more authoritative voice may emerge. For example, Son Heung-min became captain.

After Kane left, Son Heung-min took a step forward and took responsibility. “I have it.

You can feel it inside and outside the locker room.

People usually underestimate Son Heung-min. Maybe it’s because they always stand behind him.

But Son Heung-min is a perfect player,” he praised.

Kane, who developed his skills in the Tottenham youth team, signed a professional contract with Tottenham in 2009.

He spent time on loan at Leyton Orient, Millwall, Norwich City, and Leicester City, and has only played for Tottenham since returning to Tottenham in the 2013-14 season.

However, although he was called the world’s best striker, his flaw was that he had not yet won a trophy.

 In April 2020 on SNS Live, he said, “I love Tottenham, but if we have to win, I can leave Tottenham.

After the transfer was canceled, he played in the 2021-22 season as well as the 2022-23 season at Tottenham with hopes of winning, but failed. 

This is why he left Tottenham with one year left on his contract and took on the Bayern Munich uniform.

“Everyone talks about records and Shearer, but I have a lot of football left in my career

Kane said at his Bayern Munich press conference.

I didn’t want my career to end. I didn’t get to experience a different league, a different culture and different competition.

“I regretted it. That was a big part of the decision.”

Instead of recruiting a new striker to replace Kane

Tottenham coach Anger Postekoglou shifted Son Heung-min, who mainly played as a side striker or behind Kane, to a front-line striker.

 Son Heung-min is the team’s top scorer with 8 goals and 3rd in the Premier League scoring list, and is evaluated to be filling the void left by Kane.

Kane’s gap that Son Heung-min is filling is not limited to his position.

Kane served as vice-captain behind captain Hugo Lloris at Tottenham.

This season, when goalkeeper Lloris was pushed out and Kane transferred

coach Postekoglou gave Son Heung-min the captain’s armband.

Alisdair Gold, Tottenham reporter for Football London, said: “I really like the fact that Son Heung-min has stepped up to become captain.

I know Son Heung-min is the captain of Korea.

There is obviously a lot of weight on his shoulders.

He would have lost, but people were amazed at how good he was as club captain every day and how much dedication he put in.”

Teammate Destiny Udoji also praised Son Heung-min

saying, “Son Heung-min is an outstanding leader and soccer player.

It’s amazing that he puts the team first.” He praised Son Heung-min

who believes in and devotes himself to Tottenham soccer, and praised his performance.

Vice-captain James Maddison said, “I didn’t know Son Heung-min at all when I was at Leicester City.

But he came up to me after the game and shook my hand, and he hugged me and then praised me as a player.

There was no need to do that,” he said. “Son Heung-min is a fantastic captain because he is a warm person to be around and leads by example.

If I were to have him as captain, I wouldn’t want to disappoint him because he is a good person and has high standards,” he

continued. “(Son Heung-min’s leadership) is contagious to the group. 

I can’t say enough about Son Heung-min. “He is a great captain and a good friend.”

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