KIA is already on the move

KIA is undergoing change, with 4 outsiders winning 16 games and 3 natives winning 28. This is an admitted failure, indicating the team is already on the move.

The Kia Tigers’ 2023 season was unlucky to say the least, but there are some things you can’t blame on bad luck.

The foreign pitching lineup was an admitted failure.

KIA did not re-sign Shawn Nolin, who won eight games last season, or Thomas Panoni, 29, who was responsible for six wins in the second half as a replacement foreigner. The pitchers chosen to replace them were Shawn Anderson (29) and Adonis Medina (27). Anderson was signed for $1 million, the KBO’s first-year foreign player cap, and Medina for $660,000 total. Expectations were high for the two pitchers with big league experience. Kia also had high hopes for them as they were labeled as ‘relief pitchers’.

However, Anderson’s and Medina’s resumes were lackluster. Anderson has four wins in 14 games, while Medina has two wins in 12 games. Anderson had eight quality starts (6+ innings pitched, 3 earned runs or less-QS), but he never looked like a solid No. 1 starter. Medina has been touted as a 150+ mph fastball, but he hasn’t been able to generate enough power to warrant the label of reliever.

In the end, KIA opted to remove both pitchers before the first half was over. The team realized that without the stability of an outside one-two punch in the center of the mound, it would be difficult to challenge for the top five.

Their replacement was Mario Sanchez, 29, and last year’s companion, Panonda. Sanchez, who had been playing in the Taiwanese baseball league, 카지노사이트킴 was noted for his unusual form and sweeper that dominated the KBO this season. The expectation was that Panoni would continue the form he showed in the second half of last year with KIA.

However, neither Sanchez nor Panoni have been able to deliver. Sanchez looked like a force to be reckoned with in the first two games, with his unique set-up and sweepers that allowed him to lean heavily toward first base and then stand up, but his effectiveness plummeted after constant opposition and form adjustments. Panoni matched last year’s six wins, but with only five QSs out of 16 matches, it’s unfortunate that the struggles continued.

The four foreign pitchers have combined for just 16 wins this season. That’s less than the combined wins of compatriots Lee Yi-ri (21-11) and Yoon Young-chul (20-8), and less than veteran Yang Hyun-jong (35-9).

Sanchez and Pannoni were expected to do better than Anderson and Medina, but they have fallen short of expectations. Kia’s eyes are more likely to be on change than companionship.

Kia also prepared for the change early on. In the process of replacing the foreign pitchers at the end of the first half, the organization also conducted an internal review of its scouting system. As a result, they realized that they needed to strengthen their local scouting capabilities in the United States. Korean scouts, as well as local officials, traveled to the U.S. to reorganize the network and identify and list players in greater depth. Shim Jae-hak also traveled back and forth between Korea and the U.S., as well as to Australia, to reorganize and strengthen the scouting and development departments. Recently, the team’s efforts to develop prospects through participation in the Australian Baseball League (ABL), which had been blocked by the dissolution of Geelong Korea, paid off with a collaboration with the Canberra Cavaliers.

Strengthening the outside one-two punch is essential if KIA is to fulfill its fall baseball dreams this year. It will be interesting to see what the answer is for KIA, which has admitted its failures and started making changes early.

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