Controversy Over North Korean Shooting Team’s Disgrace

Did You Hate Korea’s Gold Medal so Much? Controversy Over North Korean Shooting Team’s Disgrace

In the men’s shooting 10m running target team event, North Korea wins the gold medal,

but the total score is the same, but the joys and sorrows of the inner tensor are mixed,

North Korea is gloomy at the awards ceremony…

Controversy over refusal to take commemorative photos

During the men’s shooting team event at the Hangzhou Asian Games,

the North Korean national team broke convention and refused to take a joint photo with the medalists on the podium.

Korean National Team

According to Reuters on the 25th, the Korean national team consisting of Yu-jin Jeong (Cheongju City Hall),

Gwang-cheol Ha (Busan City Hall), and Yong-bin Kwak (Chungnam Sports Council)

scored 1,668 points in the men’s 10m running target team event held at the Fuyang Inhu Sports Center in Hangzhou, China on this day, scoring 5th place. 카지노사이트위키

Ranked first among participating countries.

South Korea had the same total score as second place North Korea (1,668 points),

but the joys and sorrows were mixed in the number of Inner Ten (10 points dead center).

South Korea hit InnerTen 39 times and North Korea hit InnerTen 29 times.

North Korea unfortunately missed out on the gold medal as the last runner,

Yoo Seong-jun, shot his last three shots with scores of 9, 7, and 8, respectively.

At the awards ceremony, the North Korean team received their medals with somber expressions.

While the Taegeukgi was raised and the national anthem was sung,

the three players looked straight ahead or lowered their heads and looked at the ground.

International Competitions

Normally, at international competitions, it is customary for medalists to take the first place together and take a commemorative photo.

Indonesia, which won the bronze medal, readily accepted the Korean team’s offer and rose to first place.

However, the North Korean team rejected this.

The South Korean players called out to the North Korean players and motioned for them to come up,

but they ignored them.

They showed no response to the Korean players’ request to tap their shoulders.

Regarding this, Reuters said, “What happened on the podium today is the latest controversy related to the long-isolated North Korean team,”

“The Korean War, which lasted from 1950 to 1953, ended with a ceasefire rather than a peace agreement,

meaning the two sides are technically still at war.”

“It means,” he said.

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