Jeollanam-do Governor Kim Young-rok has expressed his gratitude to the people of the province for their efforts in making the 104th National Sports Games, the largest ever held, a success.

In a statement on the 20th, Kim said, “The tournament, which was held in Jeonnam again after 15 years, was evaluated as a ‘global tourism, sports, and culture city’ and showed its capabilities at home and abroad.” “I am grateful to the people of Jeonnam for making it the best National Games ever,” he said.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the volunteers who prepared hot tea in the morning, the residents who went out of their way to provide cultural commentary so that the overseas athletes could feel the warmth of their hometown, and the 17,000 supporters who gave the athletes great strength with their enthusiastic cheers and shouts,” he emphasized.

“I am also deeply grateful to the restaurant and lodging owners who made sure that the athletes and visitors enjoyed the flavors of the South and had a comfortable stay, the taxi drivers in Mokpo who took the lead in promoting the Games by flying the flag, and the city bus drivers who helped extend the bus routes.” He also thanked the local business community for their sponsorships and donations despite the difficult economic conditions, as well as the local officials who oversaw the entire event.

“Jeonnam has set a new gold standard for the best national unity and inspirational games in history,” Kim said. “All 2 million residents of the province are the heroes and protagonists who made the Games a success.” “I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who showed the power of a united Jeollanam-do,” he said. “We will continue to 온라인카지노 this passion and will to make the 43rd National Para Sports Games a great success.”

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