Lee Woo-seok washes away the pain of being eliminated in the quarterfinals five years ago

Lee Woo-seok (26, Kolon), who won his first gold medal in archery at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games along with Im Si-hyun (20, Korea National Sport University), is working hard to wash away the pain of being eliminated in the quarterfinals at the Asian Games five years ago.

They said they prepared it together.

Im Si-hyeon and Lee Woo-seok met Satsuki Noda and Takaharu Furukawa (Japan) in the Hangzhou Asian Games archery mixed recurve final held at the archery range at Fuyanginhu Sports Center in Hangzhou, China on the 4th (Korean time) with a set score of 6-0 (38-37 37). -35 39-35) They achieved a complete victory and won the championship.

The archery event at this competition completed the qualifying round and the recurve and compound individual men’s and women’s semifinals on the 1st to 3rd, and began selecting medal colors from the 4th.

On the 4th, the compound and recurve mixed team competitions were held in succession until the finals. Then, on the 5th, the gold medalists will be selected in the compound men’s and women’s team event, and on the 6th, the recurve men’s and women’s team event.

On the 7th, the men’s and women’s recurve and compound finals and 3rd and 4th place matches will be held. 토토사이트

In the compound mixed competition held earlier in the morning, So Chae-hyun and Joo Jae-hoon only won the silver medal, but the world’s best Korean recurve team won the gold medal.

Im Si-hyun and Lee Woo-seok completely defeated Vietnam with a set score of 6-0 (39-35 38-36 39-36) in the quarterfinals.

They met Indonesia in the semifinals and won the first and fourth sets, beating them 6-2 (40-37 39-39 37-37 40-35) and securing a ticket to the finals.

Japan advanced to the finals by defeating Chinese Taipei in the quarterfinals and Iran in the semifinals.

The mixed team match is played over 4 sets, with male and female players each shooting 2 shots in each set.

In the final match between Korea and Japan, Im Si-hyeon and Lee Woo-seok won the first set 38-37 and got off to a good start with a set score of 2-0.

Lee Woo-seok increased the momentum by scoring 10 points with both shots.

In the second set, Korea won an upset victory due to an opponent’s mistake and came close to the gold medal.

In Im Si-hyeon’s turn, a strong wind suddenly blew and he faced a crisis as he scored only 8 points in the first shot, but Furukawa ‘repaid the favor’ with 7 points.

In the end, Im Si-hyun and Lee Woo-seok won again with 37-35, making the set score 4-0.

In the third set, Japan collapsed on its own and Im Si-hyun and Lee Woo-seok won.

Furukawa destroyed himself by scoring 9 points on his first shot, and Noda scored 8 points on his first shot. They were completely defeated by Korean archery.

With this win, Woo-seok Lee was able to wash away the pain of being eliminated in the quarterfinals of the mixed match that he experienced at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Tournament.

At the Jakarta-Palembang Games five years ago, when the recurve mixed team event was first adopted as an official event, Lee Woo-seok paired up with Jang Hye-jin to participate in the mixed event and challenge for the inaugural gold medal.

However, he suffered the humiliation of losing to Mongolia and being eliminated in the quarterfinals.

The pride of the strongest Korean archer was scratched.

A surprise occurred with Japan winning and North Korea finishing as runners-up.

Fortunately, he was able to recover successfully by taking the top spot on the podium at this year’s Hangzhou competition.

Lee Woo-seok, who met in the mixed zone (joint coverage area) after the game, said, “It is so valuable to win the gold medal for the first time in the Asian Games.

I worked well with Im Si-hyun, so I was able to win the gold medal while having fun competing. I am so grateful.” revealed.

The day before, Woo-seok Lee participated in the individual recurve event and reached the semifinals, but she lost to China and was pushed back to the 3rd and 4th place match. At the time, Lee Woo-seok confessed, “I was so nervous because it reminded me of her from five years ago.”

It was the same today. Lee Woo-seok said, “I was really nervous, actually.

I entered the match, but I didn’t know where Im Si-hyun’s focus was.

I intentionally told him to talk more, laugh, and have fun. He continued to encourage us that if we believed in what we had been practicing and did well, we would do well. “

He explained.

Regarding his pain five years ago, he remembered, “I felt very sorry when I was in Jakarta.” However, he said, “I have prepared a lot so far.

I stayed alone and worked out a lot.

I prepared diligently, but I was so nervous about the individual competition that I was disappointed.

However, I left the room determined that I wanted to win a gold medal in the mixed and team competitions.”

He said that he went into the game with his mind ready.

He then expressed his gratitude to his teammate, saying, “I worked well with Lim Si-hyun. I am thankful that we won the gold medal while having fun competing.”

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