Enjoy the ‘Shakeout Run’ a day before the Seoul Marathon

‘7979 SURC’-Co-hosted by Seoul Running
Next month 7th, 10am, Cheonggyecheon Plaza
“5.2km light run to check your physical condition”

Shakeout Run coach Jang Ho-joon (right)

Runs in front of Gwanghwamun with members of the 7979 Seoul Urban Running Crew (SURC), 토토사이트 who gather every Thursday at 7 p.m. in downtown Seoul to run together.

This year’s “Shake Out Run”

Will be held on March 7, a day before the Seoul Marathon (co-organized by The Seoul Times). The Shake Out Run is an event where runners run a short distance to check their physical condition the day before the race. This year’s Shake Out Run is co-hosted by 7979 Seoul Urban Running Crew (SURC) and Seoul Running, and will start at 10 a.m. at Cheonggyecheon Square in Seoul and run 5.2 kilometers through Seoul City Hall, Jonggak Station, Sejongdae-ro intersection, Gwanghwamun, Cheongwa-daero, and back to Cheonggyecheon Square. 스포츠토토 The 11-kilometer main event and half-course will also start at Cheonggyecheon Plaza.

Coach Hojun Jang of Infinite Opportunity

A running education company, will be the lead coach for the Shakeout Run. “Shakeout Runs are a great way to prepare for the big race,” says Coach Jang. “The New York City Marathon is like a small version of the Shakeout Run. Participants run 5 kilometers with their families the day before the race and enjoy it like a festival.”

Jang has also been leading the 7979 SURC for the past two years, which meets every Thursday at 7 p.m. to run around the city center of Seoul. Anyone with a desire to run is welcome to join 7979 SURC. Coach Jang, who coaches a wide range of runners from elite athletes to beginners, says, “Every week, there are people who say, ‘I’m running for the first time in my life.’ I also get encouraged when I see people who have always run alone running with strangers, high-fiving each other, and running new courses.” “Whether it’s 7979 SURC or Shakeout Run, we will prepare a fun run so that even if you come alone, you won’t feel like you’ve come for nothing,” he said.

Participants of the Seoul Run can sign up for the Shakeout Run at the Dongma Club (www.dongma.club) from 10 a.m. on the 27th. There is no cost to participate. 7979 SURC participants have already signed up for the event. In addition to Coach Jang, there will be seven pacers, including Coach Jung, who will help pace the participants. Two of the pacers are medical staff who are responsible for the safety of the participants. Descent Korea is also sponsoring the Shakeout Run. 스포츠토토맨

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