Bucheon, ‘Jang Baek-kyu’s final goal’ sacrifices first consecutive victory to Chunan ‘defeated in 7G’. Gyeongnam tie, Jeonnam win

Bucheon FC, who are in the race for the top spot, were held back by bottom-placed Cheonan City FC.

Bucheon lost 0-1 away from home in the 32nd round of the 카지노사이트 Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 at Cheonan Stadium on Tuesday.

The loss snapped Bucheon’s six-match unbeaten streak (four wins, two draws) and left them with 49 points (14 wins, seven draws, nine losses). Bucheon remained in third place, three points behind second-place Gimcheon Commerce (52 points). They are still level on points with fourth-place Gimpo FC (49).

Last-place Cheonan, on the other hand, is turning into a late-game hotchpotch with its first two wins in a row and an unbeaten run of five matches (two wins and three draws). With 17 points (3 wins, 8 draws, 18 losses), Cheonan is one point behind 12th-place Ansan (18 points). Cheonan drew with Gyeongnam FC (1-1), Cheongju FC (0-0), and Ansan Greeners (1-1) and defeated Seoul Eland 3-0.

Cheonan, coached by Park Nam-yeol, started Motta up front, with Jang Baek-kyu, Lee Min-soo, Jung Seok-hwa, and Oh Hyun-kyo in the midfield. Shin Hyung-min stood right in front of the back four of Park Jun-gang, Chao-yeon, Lee Kwang-joon, and Kim Joo-hwan, with Kim Min-joon entrusted with the goalkeeping gloves.

Bucheon, led by Lee Young-min, had Kang Jae-woo, Lee Yi-hyung, and Kim Ho-nam in the attacking line, with Kaz and Cho Soo-cheol in the midfield. On the flanks, Kim Sun-ho and Jung Hee-woong formed a three-back defense with Lee Yong-hyeok, Nilsson Junior, and Signor Kwan. Lee Ju-hyun was in goal.

Bucheon dominated the first half. Nilsson Junior and Kang Jae-woo attacked the Cheonan defense one after another. In response, Cheonan attacked with Jang Baek-kyu and Lee Min-soo.

Cheonan opened the scoring on a set piece. In the 21st minute, Jang Baek-kyu’s cross from the left corner of the penalty box went straight into the goal. The cross, which came in the rain, bounced off the ground once and was quickly converted into a goal. It was Jang Baek-kyu’s second goal of the season after scoring against Seoul Eland in May.

Bucheon continued to push forward at halftime, bringing on Gam Hansol, Song Jingyu, and Lupeta in place of Jung Hee-woong, Kang Jae-woo, and Kim Honam. In the second half, they added Park Hyung-jin in the 19th minute and Kim Kyu-min in the 24th minute, and even brought Nilsson Jr. to the front line.

However, Bucheon’s offense was unable to find an equalizer. In the 42nd minute, Nilsson Junior’s consecutive shots were blocked by Kim Min-jun. In the end, Bucheon was unable to open Cheonan’s goal and Cheonan recorded their first back-to-back wins of the season.

Earlier in the day, FC Anyang and Gyeongnam FC played to a 1-1 draw. Anyang took the lead through Bruno in the 30th minute, but Gyeongnam equalized 12 minutes into the second half. With one point apiece, Anyang (43 points) and Gyeongnam (46 points) are ranked seventh and fifth, respectively.

In the match between Chungnam Asan and Jeonnam Dragons, the visitors won 1-0. Chu Sang-hoon scored in the ninth minute of the second half and Jeonnam held on for the win. Jeonnam (44 points) leapfrogged Anyang to sixth place, while Asan remained in 11th place with 33 points.

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