Deoksan’s ‘Zippyan’ Leads Day 1, “Will Maintain Lead on Day 2”

Deoksan Esports’ Tae-hyun-min “Jipiyan” Tae vows to do well on Day 2 of the Finals.

Deoksan took first place on Day 1 of the Pubg Mobile Pro Series (PMPS) 2023 Season 3 Finals at the Daejeon Esports Arena in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon on Monday. After watching the other teams’ chicken until Match 4, Deoksan swept the chicken from Match 5 to the sixth match, ending Day 1 with a 34-point lead over second-place DePlus Kia. In a post-match interview, Tae Hyun-min shared his thoughts on Day 1, saying, “I’ve never been able to win Day 1 at the Finals before, so it feels great to be the first team to win Day 1 at the Finals.”

When explaining his preparation for the Finals, Tae emphasized the operational and engagement aspects. “We trained hard with our teammates and refined our operations and engagements,” he said. “We prepared with the mindset of starting fresh in the finals by combining our old ways with new ways, and we worked hard on that.”

PMPS held its finals at the Daejeon Esports Arena in both of its previous two seasons. And now, Season 3 is being held at the same venue. “In Season 1, I couldn’t adapt to the environment, in Season 2, I still adapted a little bit, and now in Season 3, I think I’ve adapted perfectly to the environment, so I think that’s why I got a good performance today,” Tae Hyun-min said.

Previously, Tae Hyun Min had mentioned that he had problems with offline adaptation in seasons 1 and 2, but Deoksan has maintained good results, winning season 1 and placing third in season 2. As for the secret, Tae Hyeon-min pointed to his backbone. “I think the biggest part is that we have a strong backbone,” he said. “I think it’s because our team order worked a lot to make up for what we lacked in Season 1 and Season 2, and our teammates worked accordingly, so we gained more ability in operations and engagements.”

Finally, Tae Hyun-min expressed his gratitude to his fans as he vowed to stay in first place. He said, “On Day 2, I will find the mistakes and problems 토토 that I made on Day 1 and make improvements to maintain first place.” He concluded the interview by saying, “I think there are many fans who came from far away, and I think it’s right to show them that we are trying harder. I hope we can achieve another good performance and have more fans supporting our team.”

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