The first round of the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour’s Doosan E&C Weave Championship at Teddy Valley Golf & Resort in Seogwipo, Jeju Island, has been canceled due to the effects of Typhoon Kanun The tournament organizers decided to cancel the first round on Tuesday and shorten the tournament from 72 holes to 54 holes Earlier in the day, the organizers postponed the first round of the tournament by two hours, starting at 7:30 a.m., and sent out the first team at 9:30 a.m There was no rain on the course, but strong winds made it difficult to play normally After some players stood on the teeing area and refused to tee off, claiming the wind was too strong, play was suspended at 11:28 a.m. A meeting was held with the players’ subcommittee chairman and others, and the decision to cancel the first round was made at 1 p.m The scores of the 36 players who teed off that day were canceled and the first round will be played on Nov. 11This is the third time this season that a KLPGA Tour event has been shortened due to weather Last December, the final round of the season-opening Hana Financial Group Singapore Open in Singapore was shortened to 54 holes after lightning forced the cancellation of the final round, and in May, the Gyochon Honey Ladies Open was reduced to 36 holes to determine the winner after strong winds prevented the final three rounds from being played According to the weather information released by the KLPGA Tour, the wind speed was between 7 and 9 meters per second, which was not enough to make play unplayable However, what the players felt on the course was different Players reported that their tee shots on the first through third holes were knocked down by the wind, and balls were rolling on the greens on some holes. Wind gusts of nearly 20 meters per second were reported In the 토토사이트 end, the organizers decided to cancel the tournament, saying that it was impossible to proceed normally, but before the organizers suspended and canceled the tournament, some players delayed their tee shots for more than 20 minutes in the teeing area and argued with the tournament officials Meanwhile, after pulling the teeing area forward on five holes to shorten the field by 174 yards due to the wind, the tournament committee decided to move the field back to the original teeing area as the forecast is for less wind on Day 11 Play is scheduled to begin at 7:30 a.m. on Nov. 11.

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