Women’s Basketball BNK Chin-An “I want to play better in my home country of Taiwan”

Taiwanese-born center Chin An, 27, of the Busan BNK women’s basketball team, vowed to perform better in front of her family back home.BNK will represent South Korea in the 42nd William Jones Cup, which kicks off on Friday at Heping Gymnasium in Taipei, Taiwan.The team will open the tournament against the Iranian National Team, followed by the Taiwan B Team, Japan’s Chanson 스포츠토토링크 Cosmetics, the Philippines National Team, and the Taiwan A Team on the sixth.BNK’s starting center, Chin An, was naturalized in Taiwan at the age of 15 after being banned for transferring from high school.Her Taiwanese name is Xu Xiaotong, and she came to Suwon Women’s High School in South Korea, which had a sister school relationship with her high school in Taiwan at the time.She was given the new name “Jinan,” a combination of her mother’s last name and “Ahn,” which means “always be at peace in Korea,” by Suwon Girls’ head coach Jin Byung-jun.”My family will finally be able to watch me compete on the field,” she said, “and I will do better since the tournament is in my hometown.””I hope the results will be as good as we practiced. If things don’t go well, we’ll try to communicate more with each other,” he said. “I hope this tournament and training will lay a good foundation for the upcoming season.””Our goal is to win the Jones Cup,” said captain Kim Han-byul. “We played a lot of scrimmages and did intense weight training to maintain our strength in preparation for the tough schedule of playing five consecutive days.””We played a few scrimmages with Taiwanese professional team Kesey Life, which is a different style of play from the typical professional team,” he said, explaining that the team was a good practice partner to prepare for the upcoming season as well as the foreign teams competing in the Jones Cup.”I hope that the training camp in Taiwan and the participation in the Jones Cup will improve the team’s organization and bring the players closer together,” he said. “The trust built up in tough situations will be a great advantage for our team.””We have a great opportunity to represent Korea in an international competition,” said BNK head coach Park Jeong-jeong, adding that he hopes to have a great match with the players.”We arrived in Taiwan with the team on the 27th of last month and played practice matches with Kesey and the Taiwan national team a week beforehand to organize our movements and check our tactics,” Park explained, “We also tried to utilize our sixth man and prepared hard.”The Jones Cup will be Park’s first real test for next season.”We’re going to run the game centered around the chemistry between the sixth man and the main players,” Park 스포츠토토링크 said, adding that the Taiwan training camp and the Jones Cup are “a training process to check the skills of the existing players and grow new player resources.””I hope the players can gain a broader experience,” he added.

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