“Korea to win 8 golds, 10 medals at Paris Olympics” US analysts say

U.S. data analytics firm Grayscale releases Paris Olympics medal forecast

South Korea is expected to win 29 medals at the 2024 Paris Olympics, ranking 10th in the medal count, according to data analytics firm Grayscale, part of Nielsen.

Grayscale released its medal forecast for the Paris Olympics on Sept. 26 (local time), one year before the Games begin.

South Korea was expected to win eight gold, seven silver, and 14 bronze medals.

South Korea won a total of 20 medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 2021, with six gold, four silver, and 10 bronze. South Korea will win more medals than it did in Tokyo, according to Grayscale’s analysis.

South Korea finished 16th in the overall rankings, which are based on the number of gold medals won, and tied for 14th in total medals.

“Tokyo 2020 was a disappointing Olympics for South Korea,” says Grayscale. It was the country’s lowest medal tally since the 1984 Los Angeles Games, when it won 19 medals, including six golds.”

“While South Korea may not win as many medals as we did in Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, and London 2012, the prospects are much brighter in Paris. It will be a step in the right direction.”

In Grayscale’s predictions for the Paris Games, the United States is the favorite to win a total of 128 medals – 43 gold, 43 silver, and 42 bronze.

China was predicted to finish second with 68 medals, including 26 gold, 20 silver, and 22 bronze.

Host nation France will finish second in terms of gold medals, with 32 gold, 20 silver, and 11 bronze, and third in terms of total medals, according to Grayscale.

Japan, which won a total of 113 medals, including 39 golds, at the Tokyo Games, is expected to win 12 golds and 21 silver and bronze medals in Paris.

Grayscale excluded Russia and Belarus from its medal forecast, both of which are under international sanctions for their invasion of Ukraine in February last year. “Since February of last year, athletes from both countries have been unable to compete internationally, which skews the data on which the projections are based,” Grayscale explained.

Athletes from Russia and Ukraine will not be able to compete under their respective flags and anthems in Paris, but will be able to compete as neutrals and individuals.

War-torn Ukraine is expected to win four gold, 한국야동 seven silver, and six bronze medals in Paris, according to Grayscale.

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