Record rainfall in Moscow, Russia.

The weather in the Russian capital of Moscow was fickle in July.

One minute it’s a 29-degree heat wave, the next it’s a 14-degree drop, and now it’s a record-breaking downpour.

On July 19, Russia’s Phobos Meteorological Center reported that “24 millimeters of rain fell in Moscow over the past day, which is one-third of the total precipitation for the entire month of July.”

The problem was that the rain came in short bursts and was accompanied by gusty winds. “A torrential downpour has hit the capital,” state radio Sputnik reported.

Between 3 and 4 p.m. on the 18th, up to 30 millimeters, or a quarter of the monthly rainfall, fell in less than an hour.

More than 15 mm of rain in 20 minutes is said to cause city sewers to overflow, and many central Moscow streets around Red Square and the Bolshoi Theater were underwater.

Dozens of flights were canceled or delayed at Moscow’s three airports, including Sheremetyevo.

Moscow parks and zoos were temporarily closed, including Europe’s largest Ferris wheel, the Bedengha.

According to Moscow city emergency services, 카지노사이트킴 57 trees were downed and 55 vehicles were damaged.

The rain continued through the day on the 19th.

Meteorologists explained the reason: “The scorching heat met the cold air from the Baltic Sea, and the large temperature difference led to a cyclone.”

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