Football Association’s ‘Hong Myung-Bo’ appointment faces harsh fallout…Park Ju-Ho’s revelations could lead to legal action

The Korea Football Association is mulling legal action against soccer commentator Park Joo-ho, who revealed that the process of selecting the next national soccer team coach was botched.

“It is a violation of the confidentiality pledge that Park Joo-ho exposed through his YouTube channel that things happened at the National Power Enhancement Committee,” an official at the KFA said on Feb. 9, adding that “internal discussions are underway to consider a legal response.”

Park Joo-ho was appointed to the NSC on Feb. 20 and has been involved in the search for a new commander 온라인카지노사이트 for about five months.

After Chung resigned from the committee late last month, the search for a new commander was finalized on Feb. 7 by Lee Im-sang, the executive director of technology. The final choice was Ulsan HD head coach Hong Myung-bo.

Amid criticism over the appointment of a Korean coach instead of a foreigner, which many fans had hoped for, Park Joo-ho posted a video on his YouTube channel, “Captain Pachuho,” on the afternoon of the 8th criticizing the KPA.

In the video, Park said, “There were many commissioners who unconditionally supported domestic coaches. They unconditionally criticized any foreign director.” He also said, “Among them, I was the interim director.

“There were also some who wanted to be the interim director themselves. The overall trend was to appoint Hong Myung-bo,” he said, sparking outrage among fans.

“It was decided by a vote without much conversation,” he said of the process of appointing then-U-23 coach Hwang Sun-hong as interim head coach ahead of the A-Match period in March.

Park Joo-ho said he was not even aware of the appointment, adding, “The last five months have been a waste. I’ve been thinking a lot that we don’t need a power strengthening committee. Because nothing has been done within the procedure,” he said.

The KFA refuted Park’s accusations, saying they were either unfounded or the result of a distorted perception of reality from his own perspective of wanting a foreign coach.

“At the 10th meeting (attended by Park Joo-ho), the committee members said, ‘The committee will recommend up to five candidates, and the next process will be delegated to Chairman Chung to proceed with these candidates,'” the KFA said in a statement on Monday, adding that Hong Myung-bo was one of the candidates who received the most support from the committee members at the 10th meeting.

“As a member of the committee, you can be surprised and disheartened by an outcome that is different from what you supported, but it would be inappropriate for you to say that the outcome is ‘not the process’ just because it is not what you expected or intended,” the Football Association said, emphasizing that the final selection of candidates was communicated to and agreed upon by Lee.

“I am gravely concerned and regret that (Park) has arbitrarily misrepresented the work of the Power Enhancement Committee and the process of selecting a coach, and that this is causing great misunderstanding in the media and the public,” he added.

There is also a sense within the soccer federation that Park’s revelations were made not through the media but through his own for-profit YouTube channel. The video has since been viewed 1.56 million times, more than 20 hours after it was released.

On April 2, Park signed a confidentiality agreement with the Football Association regarding his work as a member of the Power Enhancement Committee. “I pledge to accept any punishment or disadvantage if I am found to have disclosed the contents of this meeting to the outside world,” the pledge reads.

Some say Park’s actions shake the very foundations of the Power Enhancement Commission, which was created as an independent body.

“What Park Joo-ho is trying to say is that some members of the committee supported Hong Myung-bo from the beginning, but isn’t it the function of a ‘committee’ to exchange various opinions and come to a conclusion?” said one soccer player. “If Park Joo-ho accuses some members of the committee of being ‘duplicitous,’ I think it can be said that Park Joo-ho was also a duplicitous person.”

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