‘Coach resignation’ extreme prescription Incheon draws 0-0 with Daegu. 9 games in a row ‘winless’

Incheon United had to settle for a point in their first match under Byun Jae-sub Byun. Byun Jae-seop took over as head coach of Incheon United after former head coach Cho Sung-hwan resigned on May 5. Incheon played Daegu FC to a 0-0 draw in the 22nd round of the 2024 Hana Bank K League 1 at DGB Daegu Bank Park in Daegu on Sept. 9. It was their fifth draw in their last nine matches.

Incheon hasn’t won since May 18, Round 13 against Daejeon (1-0). Former coach Cho Sung-hwan stepped down. It happened suddenly on May 5. Head coach Byun Jae-seop became acting coach overnight. “It’s awkward,” said Byun Jae-seop, who met with the media before the match against Daegu. 카지노사이트 I’m nervous in interviews like this because I’m a beginner,” he said.

Incheon has a lot of homework to do. It’s not just a matter of temporarily refreshing the atmosphere with the ‘extremely weak prescription’ of the coach’s resignation. Byun Jae-seop said, “It’s clear that the coach’s resignation has brought the players closer together. However, we can’t play defensive soccer forever as we are a man-advantage style team. I emphasized that we need to increase our possession time and play enjoyable offensive soccer.”

Former coach Cho Sung-hwan left with a cheer for Byun Jae-seop. Byun said, “He told me to think of it as an experience because it’s a good opportunity, and to prepare well and rebound from game to game. He said that the players should be stronger defensively. He said that our players were weak in one-on-one situations, so he wanted us to work on that part.”

Byun vowed to play with confidence, not pressure. He said, “I will keep the basic framework. I’ll try to add a little color to the game management. I’ll trust the players, and even if we don’t get the result, I asked the players to have fun and play football without regrets.”

Daegu coach Park Chang-hyun had no intention of becoming a sacrifice for Incheon’s rebound. “Daejeon beat us last time. Moreover, we are at home today. We must not make the same mistake,” he warned. On June 2, Daegu lost 0-1 away to Daejeon in the 16th round. At that time, Daejeon had also resigned their former coach Lee Min-sung. Park said, “It was raining, so defenders shouldn’t wait for the ball and deal with it before it falls. Forward players should shoot from long distances and fight for loose balls,” Park predicted.

Incheon was the aggressor in the first half, holding 57% of the possession. However, they were unable to create any threatening moments. In fact, they almost fell victim to Daegu’s counterattack in the 34th minute. It was a desperate situation with two defenders and three attackers. Daegu missed the timing of their shot, and Incheon wiped their chests. Incheon missed a crucial chance in the 21st minute of the second half. Kim Bo-seob received a penetrating pass from Mugosa and beat one defender with a first touch inside the box. He created a lone chance of his own against the keeper. Kim saw the far post and pushed lightly, but his effort narrowly missed the target.

In the 32nd minute, Incheon introduced midfield commander Lee Myung-joo, who returned from injury on May 1 against Jeonbuk, where he suffered a fractured collarbone. It took him about two months to return to the field. He played diligently, but Daegu took the offensive initiative in the second half, actively attempting mid-range shots. Incheon held on until the fourth minute of extra time to secure the point.

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