Samsung is in 4th place but changed all of its coaches Will it be a blessing or a curse?

Major coaching changes, leaving only coach Jin-Man Park behind during the 2nd Army All-Star Game. The second half of the season begins in a chaotic atmosphere A mountain of tasks to be solved

Coach Park Jin-man and 2nd team coach Lee Byeong-gyu watching the game

The Samsung Lions of professional baseball made a surprise announcement of coaching staff personnel changes on the afternoon of the 5th while the 2024 Futures (2nd team) All-Star Game was in progress.

It was a major personnel change that replaced all of the first team’s head coach, pitching coach, batting coach, and battery coach.

Samsung sent head coach Lee Byeong-gyu, pitching coach Jeong Min-tae, and battery coach Lee Jeong-sik to the Futures team, and batting coach Lee Jin-young changed his role to assistant batting coach. Bullpen coach Kwon Oh-joon was also sent down to the rehabilitation team.

On the other hand, Futures manager Jeong Dae-hyun was appointed as the first-team head coach and pitching coach, third-team coach Tachibana Yoshiie was appointed as the batting coach, and second-team coaches Kang Young-sik and Chae Sang-byeong were appointed as the first-team bullpen coach and battery coaches, respectively.

In fact, all the major coaches were replaced, leaving only Director Park Jin-man behind. In particular, Senior Coach Lee Byeong-gyu and Pitching Coach Jeong Min-tae were brought in at Director Park’s request.

There are parts of Samsung’s personnel announcement that are incomprehensible, both in terms of timing and content.

Samsung was expected to be at the bottom of the power rankings before the start of this season, but it has made strides thanks to its stable mound and the growth of its young pitchers.

They threatened the lead by fighting for the top spot throughout the first half of the season, and as of the 29th of last month, they were running in sole second place.

Due to the decline in stamina of the bullpen pitchers towards the end of the first half, they fell into a 5-game losing streak and fell to 4th place, but the gap with 2nd place LG Twins is only 1.5 games.

It is a situation where you can jump to the top at any time.

The transfer of coaches, which is at odds with the performance of the team, is also questionable.

Samsung recorded a team ERA of 4.49 in the first half of this season, ranking third among the 10 teams, while the team batting average was last at 0.260. Compared to last year, the team ERA rose sharply from the bottom, while the team batting average slipped from sixth place.

However, contrary to the revealed numbers, Samsung sent two first-team pitching coaches who had performed well to the second team, and kept two existing first-team batting coaches in the first team.

With all the coaches he had worked with leaving the first team, it became a frustrating situation for manager Park Jin-man.

Director Park Jin-man was cautious with his words, saying, “It’s a personnel change to refresh the atmosphere,” but it will deal a significant blow to his leadership in the second half of the season.

This personnel change was led by the highest level of the Samsung club, and it has been reported that each coach was notified of the personnel changes on the morning of the 5th.

Samsung begins its second half schedule on the 9th in a chaotic atmosphere.

Samsung’s new coaching staff has shouldered a heavy responsibility since joining.

Head coach and pitching coach Jeong Dae-hyeon must address the issue of mound instability caused by the injury of key bullpen pitcher Kim Tae-hoon and the collective stamina loss of the winning bullpen pitchers Lim Chang-min, Kim Jae-yoon, and Oh Seung-hwan.

Coach Tachibana needs to re-establish the center of the batting lineup, which is centered around young players. 카지노사이트 추천

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