‘Ex-girlfriend aborted twice’ Heo Woong, donated items to a nursery…why?

Basketball player Heo Woong has been embroiled in a controversy over his personal life, but his donations have come under renewed scrutiny.

Recently, an online community posted a post and photo of a childcare center. The post was accompanied by several pictures with the caption, “Sponsored by Heo Woong.

The childcare center wrote, “Sponsoring the fifth Busan Yeongoji. March sponsorship items. Milk powder for new babies, diapers for babies who have grown up,” and said, “We have been waiting a lot for Heo Woong’s sponsorship. We were very grateful for the sponsor’s help, as we had to purchase all the new items for the new babies.” He expressed his gratitude.

“We are grateful to the participants who always share goodness with us and those who send good donations behind the scenes with news. We have issued donation receipts.”

The resurgence of Heo’s donation is likely due to the recent controversy surrounding his personal life.

Heo recently sued his ex-girlfriend, A, for allegedly blackmailing him. “Just because he is a famous sports player, he demanded hundreds of millions of won in money, saying that he would expose private conversations and things that happened with him to the media, Instagram, YouTube, his club, and basketball galleries,” said Kim Dong-hyung, a lawyer representing Heo Woong.

“Heo Woong tried to persuade Ms. A to give birth at the time, but Ms. A requested to have a second child after they got married, so she complied with his wishes. She then decided to have an abortion at the victim’s residence. Heo Woong was busy during the professional basketball season, but he accompanied Ms. A to the hospital when she underwent the surgery and took great care of her so that she could recover,” the prosecution claimed.

According to Money Today, A was also named as one of the suspects in the Incheon National Police Agency’s investigation into the Lee Sun-gyun case and was investigated for allegedly taking drugs. However, A was reportedly not working at the establishment in late 2018 or 2021 when she was first introduced to Heo and became romantically involved. At the time, A was enrolled in an arts program at a university in the Seoul area. Heo Woong also revealed that he first met A, who was also a university student, through an acquaintance.

“I sincerely apologize to the public and fans for the distress caused by my work over the past few days,” Heo Woong said through his agency, adding, “The claims made by the other party are not true, and we are actively cooperating with the investigative agencies.”

“Rather than responding to the other side’s factual claims one by one, we would like to reveal the truth through the results of the investigation,” he continued, “I will not make any further statements and will explain my position to the public once the results of the investigation are available.”

“We would like to apologize to the late Lee Sun-gyun, his bereaved family, fans who loved him, and his agency, who were unnecessarily mentioned by us despite having nothing to do with this case.” 메이저놀이터

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