Woori Card Sajejigan…Freshman Matei “Lucky to meet the coach”

The Woori Card men’s professional volleyball team has drawn a blueprint for the 2023-2024 season with a strong team spirit.

Woori Card, which had a lot of off-season changes, overcame organizational concerns to win 3-1 (25-17 25-19 18-25 25-19) against Samsung Fire on Friday.

The player who stood out the most was “freshman” Matej Kok (26-Slovenia-registered name Matej).

Matej had a team-high 29 kills on the day on a 60.47% attack percentage.

She was perfect in the front row (12) and back row (14), adding one block and two service aces.

Matei was the only one of the seven foreign draftees with no V-League experience, making his performance all the more welcome for the Woori Cards.

His chemistry with head coach Shin Young-cheol as a priest is also promising.

After the game, Shin said of Matei, “He is always sincere. I’m grateful for his ability to follow through when I tell him this and that.”

As for what he could improve on, he said, “I need to make one small adjustment to my timing (when hitting the ball). I don’t wrap (the ball) right on top, I turn my arm or turn my shoulder more.”

Matej was grateful for Shin’s attention to detail.

“I feel lucky to have him,” he said. He pointed out things that the European coach didn’t see and gave me ways to improve,” Matej said, adding, “I listen to him with the intention of doing it.”

The outside hitter-turned-apositional spiker is confident that she has more to show because “I’m still in the process of adjusting,” she said.

As for the high offensive share as a foreign player, he said, “It’s definitely a pressure. In Europe, there is less one-sided play,” he said, “but I don’t mind that. In any team, there is always pressure to play an important position.” He was determined.

“In Europe, the players tell each other, ‘Don’t sleep after winning one game. We will work hard to prepare for the next game.” 카지노사이트

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