Sancho’s Manchester United’s “transfer fee of 58 billion” and Dortmund’s “too much” to fully recruit

I have no regrets about Jadon Sancho. However, I plan to collect the minimum transfer fee. “Manchester United has set a transfer fee of 34 million pounds (about 58 billion won) for Sancho,” German media Sky Sports reported on the 6th (Korea Standard Time). “This could defeat Borussia Dortmund’s desire to fully recruit Sancho.” Sancho’s […]

Doosan’s Super Rookie, which was praised for ‘Korea, the U.S., and Japan’, is not worried, the first team will return soon

“I got vaccinated” In the second round of the first round of last year’s rookie draft, the Doosan Bears named Kim Taek-yeon without much hesitation. Kim’s value, which caught the attention of scouts by throwing fast balls exceeding 150 kilometers per hour since his days at Incheon High School, has improved remarkably at the 2023 […]

Richarlison ‘Leave Again’, this time the aftereffects of injury…”SON TOP” continues

After recently admitting to a psychological breakdown, the Frenchman will miss this week’s game due to injury again. Head coach Anzhi Postecoglou revealed the news during his pre-match press conference against Nottingham Forest at Tottenham’s training ground, Hotspur Way, in London, England, on Saturday (June 6). Tottenham will host Nottingham Forest in the 32nd round […]

The Return of a Legend, Dodgers Contract with Kershaw

The Return of a Legend… Dodgers Officially Announce Contract with Kershaw The Los Angeles (LA) Dodgers of the American professional baseball team officially announced the signing of Clayton Kershaw (35). The Dodgers announced on the 10th (Korean time), “Kershaw will continue to work with the Dodgers.” Local U.S. media reported on the 7th that Kershaw […]

“Golden Boy” Lee Kang-in, I Promise to Play Better

Lee Kang-in “Sorry for not Being Able to Repay you with Good Results… I Promise to Play Better “We wanted to repay the constant expectations and support of soccer fans with good results in this Asian Cup, but we are sorry for not being able to do so.” ‘Golden Boy’ Lee Kang-in (23, PSG) sent […]

Throng Piavi, Challenge for 7th Win in Women’s Professional Billiards

Throng Piavi, Challenge for 7th Win in Women’s Professional Billiards… Final Match with Lim Jeong-sook Throng Piavi (Blue One Resort), the top star in the women’s professional billiards (LPBA) from Cambodia, took the opportunity to challenge for the most wins in the women’s division with seven. Piavi defeated Kim Kyung-ja with a set score of […]

Tennis Balls, Coins, Chocolate, and Vinyl Raincoats

Tennis Balls, Coins, Chocolate, and Vinyl Raincoats flew into European soccer stadiums Bundesliga fans ‘oppose investment capital inflow’… La Liga Cadiz fans protest poor performance European professional soccer grounds are suffering from various foreign objects thrown by fans as a sign of protest. 온라인카지노 According to the BBC, tennis balls and golden coin-shaped chocolate were […]

PSG Beats Lille and Takes the Lead with an 11-Point Gap

Even Without Lee Kang-in and Mbappe… PSG Beats Lille and Takes the Lead with an 11-Point Gap Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), a French professional football team that gave Lee Kang-in a break after attending the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup, continued its lead in Ligue 1 by defeating Lille at home. PSG defeated Lille 3-1 […]